My tastes in Kpop boy groups is constantly shifting so even though I might be a die-hard IGOT7 today, that doesn’t mean I’m gonna like their comeback tomorrow. I’m always discovering new groups, letting myself listen to releases I’d put off, getting excited about rookies that no one else cares about. So here are my current top 5 Kpop boy groups.

1. BTS

This one is obvious. I’ve been an ARMY since 2015 and BTS really never disappoints me. Especially with their latest release, Bangtan has proven time and again that the quality of their music is always increasing and always diversifying. That, coupled with the fact that BTS genuinely cares for their fans and tries to make the relationship between themselves and ARMYs more personal, makes BTS my top group always.

Recommended song: Where You From

2. NCT 127

This one requires explanation. I was actually weirdly against NCT for a long time. Granted, they got me with the Seventh Sense but the loss of NCT U really hurt and, out of resentment, I refused to get invested when Firetruck dropped. It stayed that way for a while and I completely missed out on Limitless, but then I saw the Cherry Bomb teasers. Taeyong had me reeling and I immediately hopped back on the bandwagon just in time to pre-order the new album.

Recommended song: Baby Don’t Like It

3. Pentagon

If you haven’t heard of Pentagon, you need to go listen to Gorilla right now. I’ll wait. Did you listen to it? Did you love it? Good. Pentagon is incredibly talented. Not only do they have powerhouse vocalists Hui and Jinho (who was a former SM trainee) but they also have crazy talented rappers E’Dawn, Yuto, and Wooseok. Take that and pair it with their always-energetic dance king, Kino, and their four visuals, Hongseok, Shinwon, Yeo One, and Yan An and you have a super group destined for greatness.

Recommended song: Pretty Pretty

4. Wanna One

It’s no surprise to anyone that I’m a wannable. They’re talented, they’re handsome, and they have cute comedic appeal that works well in variety shows. I started out as a Daniel fan, but I immediately changed my mind after watching a couple of episodes of their reality show, Wanna One Go. Ha Sungwoon has my heart now, but it was honestly a tough decision. I’ll be sad to see them go, but I’m grateful for the chance to love them while they’re still around.

Recommended song: Energetic

5. Winner

My love of Winner dates back to Exit: E. I remember loving Sentimental instantly, feeling inspired by the colors and the bizarre scenery. It reminded me of the bands I used to love as a pre-teen and I wanted nothing more than to be an inner circle. It’s been over a year and we’ve lost Taehyun, but I’m still an incle. Yes, Winner’s style has definitely shifted, but their cute, awkward dancing and their bomb, catchy songs certainly haven’t.

Recommended song: Sentimental

This is, of course, not an extensive list of talented Kpop boy groups and I’m sure there are many I’ve missed. Which ones are your favorites? Who are your biases for the groups above if you have one?

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