October is my favorite month for a variety of reasons. It’s when the weather starts to cool off, fall leaves are falling, Halloween is on its way, and–of course–my birthday. I’m an almost-Halloween baby, born on October 30th, and a proud Scorpio. Because this month means so much to me, I wanted to create the perfect Halloween Kpop mood music for the season.

Lie – Jimin

Starting off with one of my all-time faves, Lie by Jimin of BTS is definitely a Halloween track. Not only is Jimin a fellow October baby, but Lie has the kind of drama and eerie ambiance that makes it essential for a spooky playlist. The optics definitely sell the song, however, so if you haven’t yet, check out the Jimin Wings trailer featuring Lie. Also, if you get a chance, find a good high quality performance of the live version of Lie for the full experience.

Thirsty – Taemin

This is a new addition to my October playlist, but it’s definitely here to say. Similar to Lie in its drama, Thirsty has the kind of vaguely creepy overtones which make it so suited for the season. This is another track that needs its visuals. The live performance of the song carries the same drama of the song itself and you should definitely experience at least once (or if you’re me, daily).

Chained Up – VIXX

I’m aware that VIXX are basically the Halloween kings and virtually any one of their songs could fit here. However, I picked Chained Up in particular because I think certain parts of the song fit the whole glass-of-red-wine-at-midnight-while-watching-the-full-moon vibe–I’m thinking of Hongbin’s whispering parts in particular–and frankly just because I love this song.

Overdose – EXO

Out of all the concepts EXO has done, I think this one is possibly the closest to being a true Halloween concept. Sure, in parts of the music video they’re wearing inexplicable sporty attire. But when they come out in the full suit getup and start the truly dramatic part of the chorus choreography, that, for me, is when this song solidifies as a Halloween Kpop song.

Intro: Boy Meets Evil – J-Hope

This one is a personal favorite because J-Hope is my ultimate bias, but this one truly defines the entire playlist. There is literally nothing more fitting in both visual aesthetics and auditory aesthetics for a Halloween Kpop playlist than this song. Hoseok not only lays it down with the elaborate choreography but the purple, dimly lit distantly supernatural imagery in the trailer really transports you to a place maybe a little spooky, but definitely worth it.

The 7th Sense – NCT U

This one is purely here for its sound. Maybe the music video is a little fitting for the season, but for me what really does it is the echo-y vocals and the sort of dooming, repetitive lyrics. This wasn’t an October release but you could almost be fooled into believing it.

TT – Twice

If NCT is here just for the sound, then this one is just here for the music video. Yes, TT has none of the eerie or spooky qualities of the other songs but damn if that music video isn’t the most spectacular Halloween Kpop video you’ve ever seen.

Married to the Music – Shinee

Finally, the kings. The legends. The gods of Kpop. Married to the Music is another one of those tracks that is a touch too upbeat for the season, but the music video is custom tailored for Halloween and it definitely inspires me to dress up in my best Key costume.

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