This was one of my anticipated releases of the fall. I was so excited for Seventeen’s new comeback and I was absolutely certain, upon seeing the teasers and the MVs for the team songs that this album would be Seventeen’s definitive Perfect Album (as Dark and Wild is to BTS). I’ll save my final thoughts for the end but I will say this album absolutely shows the maturity and development Seventeen has made and I am so proud of my boys.

1. Intro. New World

This was a solid beginning to a solid album. It has this kind of emerging feel to it at the beginning which quickly transitions into a harder, more complex melody. It ends where it started, with a kind of expectant feeling. You definitely get the feeling that you’re entering a new world.

2. Change Up

I will not shut up about this song. This is easily the best song on the album. Not only is it upbeat and catchy as hell, it speaks of Seventeen’s confidence in their future success and it gets you hyped about it too. Woozi’s falsetto paired with Hoshi and S.Coups rapping works so well and the buildup just before the chorus is enough to get you jumping even in the seat of your car (I was doing it this morning.) Also, if you haven’t watched the MV, you are missing out on what are arguably the most surprisingly clean moves I’ve ever seen out of Woozi.

3. Without You

This is definitely another solid song. The sound is more of what you’d expect from Seventeen. It’s upbeat and beautiful and utilizes vocal team well. It is a little forgettable but only because it’s lost amid the sea of amazing songs that Seventeen puts out.

4. Clap

This song reminds me a lot of Boom Boom. It’s equally catchy and tries to “toughen” Seventeen in the same way. It has a rock vibe that is actually a little refreshing from Seventeen. While it is not my favorite single, it is still the level of quality that you expect from Seventeen and I would argue the MV is the best yet.

5. Bring It

I’m going to be very, brutally honest. I didn’t like this one. It sounded too harsh to match the rest of the album and the raps didn’t feel like they were doing anything. It was a little confused and rushed and it made me feel a little like I was being pushed around in a large, sweaty crowd–it had that kind of a harried feeling. The chorus was also just…too much.

6. Lilili Yabbay

Performance team never ceases to deliver. This track is no exception. As is fitting with performance team, you really aren’t giving this song its just due if you don’t watch the MV and watch their choreography. It’s got a new-age funky type of a sound that it’s hype without being jarring and has a tinges of R&B that make it smooth enough for anyone to love.

7. Trauma

This is my second favorite track because it is pure genius. Vernon’s verse is easily the best verse he’s ever delivered. His flow is impeccable and it’s a perfect beginning to the rest of the song. S.Coups brings these soft, sweet vocals that provide the transition into the chorus where Mingyu comes back with crazy good vocals (like he could be vocal team good). Wonwoo begins in this soft whisper and crescendos into yelling in a reflection of his emotions before S.Coups returns just before the chorus. Frankly, one of hip hop team’s best.

8. Pinwheel

Vocal team comes back for their typical quality ballad. Honestly, you can’t really miss with vocal team. Because I personally am not much of a ballad girl, this track didn’t stand out all that much against hip hop and performance team’s tracks but even I can acknowledge the quality of this song. If you want to stare at vocal team’s beautiful faces, you can watch the MV and see them walk around aimlessly and look generally sad.

9. Flower

This has a deceptively eerie-sounding intro. For a song with a title like Flower, you expect something a little brighter but what you get is a lit track with solid beat. The vocals and rapping in this are well blended and it’s one of the more unexpected tracks on the album, but does well for itself in showing Seventeen’s range.

10. Rocket

Can I just say for a second how strange this song was to me? That said, this was such a good track. Vernon, once again, delivers with his verse and the fast-paced, chill-hype beat actually worked well for me. The chorus is so odd but I kind of adore it. This is definitely one of those songs that can be an acquired taste, but I think I may have the taste for it.

11. Hello

I like how calming this song is. It’s upbeat without being in-your-face in a way that shows off how obviously it draws from 70’s tracks. The song provides an easy transition to the end of the album and has the sort of unassuming catchyness where you just know that even though you can’t remember it now, it’ll be stuck in your head soon enough.

12. Campfire

I loved this song so much. It made me feel like I was in a K-Drama about falling in love. I felt like I should’ve been listening to this in a cafe sitting on a first date. This is such a sweet and simple track with just a touch of nostalgia that makes it so so easy to love. The instrumental is vibrant and and the song works smoothly from verse to chorus in a way that’s clearly meant to lull rather than startle. It has none of the edge of Clap or the jarring aspects of Bring It and is such a brilliant way to tie off the album.

13. Outro. Incompletion

Okay, listen. I know this has no words. I know. But damn it all if I didn’t adore this track. This was such an awesome outro. Not to mention that I love the genius of titling it Incompletion as if they’re letting us know once again that this is just the beginning. It has that rock edge of Clap with a hint of what the sound they served in the teasers. I’m not sure why I took to this song so thoroughly but I can’t help but love it.

Final Thoughts

This was, unfortunately, not Seventeen’s Perfect Album, but they are so close. Seventeen has the talent and the drive and even they know they are just getting started in changing the world. I have so much faith in them and this album had so much potential and so much incredible work that I know we can only go up from here.

That said, this is still a great album. There are some gems here that I know I’m going to listen again and again and I’m proud of how much growth Seventeen has shown us in such a short period of time. They’re definitely adapting as artists as they grow as people and I’m so excited to see what’s in store for them in the future.


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