This tag is meant to be an introductory/story time type of a tag where you talk a little bit about yourself and what your faves are in K-Pop and K-Beauty. It was inspired by Jinny over at Hey Hunnyy and Aubry at Miss Aubry! Thanks for the amazing tag, girls!

First things first–hi! I’m Andrea and I’m 23. I live in the States, I’m Latina, and I write for a living. K-Pop and K-Beauty became a part of my life a couple of years ago and I’m very grateful it did.


I’ve been into K-Pop since 2015 when I fell into a Youtube black hole (the kind where you start out watching a smokey eye tutorial and end up watching the top 10 movie conspiracies) and saw the Try Guys watching K-Pop and I wanted to know what in the world they were watching and how music videos could have so much production value so I asked my best friend–who was already seriously into EXO–to introduce me to K-Pop. It was one of those instantaneous things where by the end of the week I already owned my first GOT7 merch (a sweatshirt with Mark’s name on it) and had my first K-Pop album on its way to me from Korea.

My main groups now are, of course, BTS, but also Pentagon, NCT 127, Wanna One, Shinee, and Seventeen for the boys and Twice, Red Velvet, EXID, Sistar, Stellar and Bolbbalgan4 for the girls. The list is literally always changing as I’m a sucker for a good debut and I have a soft spot for rookie groups. I will say though I have crazy high standards for choreography and rapping with the boys because I feel like sometimes people are too quick to praise the boy groups for doing half the work girl groups do.


I can’t remember when I got into K-beauty but I think it was just around the same time I started listening to K-Pop. It started with face masks and spiraled into pretty much any and all skincare. My favorite brands are easily Tony Moly and Innisfree but my skin isn’t particularly sensitive so I try a lot of different things. Since I’m not super picky and I don’t really have a problem with bad reactions, I tend to gravitate to things that have some kind of a gimmick, like the Tony Moly Banana Sleeping Pack or the NOONI Marshmallow Whip Maker and Whipping Cleanser. If it’s not fun or cute, I probably won’t buy it.

That said, I’m also super loyal to certain products. For instance, the Laneige Lip Sleeping Pack is a product I’ve been using for ages because my lips have a tendency to get really dry and it is honestly the best product on the market for dry lips. On the makeup side, I also swear by the Etude House Oh M’Eye Line Eyeliner which I’ve been using for years. It’s not only super affordable but it draw a super clean line and it wears well.


I wanna tag anyone and everyone reading this! Don’t be afraid to reach out, I’m always excited to meet new people.



  1. I pretty much follow every group you name dropped…Plus maybe like a hundred more. lol Kpop has been my favorite type of music for years and years now. My first introduction was Girls Generation. Not sure how I stumbled on them but one click lead to the next and before I knew it Kpop was my life. XD

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  2. Cool. I was just recommended to come check out your blog by Miss Aubry, and I’m excited to meet someone else who loves the same things!!!! YAY. 🙂

    Hi my name is Maur. I love Kpop and Kbeauty. I joined this happy group about a year ago and its the happiest place I’ve ever found… 🙂

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