I actually saw Christmas lights on someone’s house yesterday which means, despite the fact that it is still only November 10th, it is now the holiday season! So here we have the perfect playlist to get under the covers with a cup of hot cocoa and watch the leaves fall.

1. EXO – Miracles in December

A classic that makes you want to stare out an icy window and also buy yourself a bunch of Nature Republic products, Miracles in December is the ideal start to a great holiday Kpop playlist. If the incredible vocals and dramatic strings don’t get you all up in your feelings, you’re not experiencing this song to the fullest.

2. EXO – Christmas Day

I know, I know. Two EXO songs in row? But this one deserves to be on here, trust me. This has very little holiday vibes–other than being titled “Christmas Day”–and could legitimately be regular track on another album without my noticing, but damn it all if this isn’t a holiday masterpiece. It was EXO in a simpler, happier time.

3. EXO – On the Snow

Last one, I swear. I love this little track from Sing For You probably more than I could ever love the actual title track. It’s a sweet track that makes you feel cozy but also a little like dancing. It reminds me of carriage rides and cold nights and a holiday playlist wouldn’t feel complete without it.

4. Jimin and Jungkook – Christmas Day

If you listen to nothing else on this playlist, listen. To. This. Song. Please. It’s not only a super sweet remake of “Mistletoe” by Justin Bieber, it’s a cute showcase of Jungkook and Jimin’s vocals and it’s honestly the perfect Christmas in song form.

5. TTS – Dear Santa

I will admit, I’m not the biggest fan of Girls’ Generation but even I can’t help but love this track. It totally tricks you into thinking it’s going to be a slow, sentimental ballad and picks up suddenly to the tune of Tiffany’s “Let’s go!” It then becomes the sugary sweet Christmas song that dreams are made of. The vibe is very ideal-old-timey-Christmas and I totally live for it.

6. GOT7 – Confession Song

I may not be a diehard IGOT7 anymore but I still adore this song. This, for me, is unfiltered holiday vibes. It’s cute, upbeat, sugary-sweet, and makes you smile–in short, a perfect holiday song to warm your heart.

7. Ailee – My Grown Up Christmas List

I would be remiss if I didn’t include the Queen on this list. Her take on the classic song “My Grown Up Christmas List” is crazy good. It’s soft and beautiful and sounds like something you would listen to by the fireplace during a holiday party.

8. BTOB – The Winter’s Tale

This is the cutest damn holiday song out there. Seriously. Watch the MV and tell me I’m wrong. Not only does it feature the most precious choreo I’ve ever seen a boy group do but the song itself is actually really good and a nice break from the typical tinsel-filled-jingle-belling holiday song.

What are your favorite holiday Kpop songs? Are you looking forward to any comebacks this December? Let me know what your favorite holiday comebacks are!


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