The first thing any Kpop fan worries about is where to buy their merch. With the plethora of options out there, it’s important to have a couple different opinions so you know what people think before you commit to a site. It makes a difference to do your research, whether it’s by saving some money or a couple days of waiting time.


This may as well be Walmart for all things Kpop. It’s got everything you could ever want. I remember after the Wings Tour concert they had the cap with the two rings that sold out literally at every stop on the tour. That said, I’ve never ordered from them so I can’t speak to their delivery time or customer service. Their prices seem pretty average though and they’re often used enough that I wouldn’t mind ordering from them.

Final review: Too soon to say. I’ll make a final decision after I actually order from them.


This store is basically identical to KpopMart with a few minor tweaks. KpopTown is typically a touch more expensive but their shipping is cheaper than KpopMart. So it basically evens out. However, what wards me off from ordering from them too often is the fact that I’ve heard from a couple different people that their merch isn’t legit. That may just be talk but I like to be cautious anyhow.

Final review: 3 stars. Not stellar but not awful.


I only ordered from KpopMart a few times when I first got into Kpop but they’re a pretty trustworthy source. They take pictures of their shipments before they send them out, so you know what’s coming to you and when. They also have an option to separately package your poster in a tube so you don’t have to have it folded. Their prices can be low but their shipping cost is pretty up there and they don’t have a tracking option unless you do EMS.

Final review: 3 stars. Definitely a solid choice and a well-established company, but not the best out there.

Kpop Market

This is a shop on Amazon that I’ve been using pretty much since I got into Kpop. They’re fast and their shipping is ridiculously cheap for Kpop merch. However, they don’t have an option for shipping your poster separately, which means it has to come folded. Also, their items can be a little on the pricey side but the items are really well handled and have never come damaged, in my experience. Plus they pack little candies with a lot of their shipments as well.

Final review: 4 stars. For older releases where the price has already gone down, this is the place to go.


This is my all time favorite place to buy Kpop merch. I swear by them. Just like KpopMart and KpopTown, the purchases count towards the Gaon and Hanteo Charts but unlike KpopTown and KpopMart the shipping is usually cheaper. Much cheaper. In fact, the price of the items themselves are usually cheaper as well. Not to mention that KTown4U has a K-Packet option that typically only lasts 5 to 10 days for shipping and costs only a little more than their standard international shipping. So if you don’t want spend an arm and a leg on EMS shipping, you’re not completely out of luck.

Final review: 5 stars. These guys are the best. They’re the first ones I turn to for new releases.

*Bonus* Koryo Books

If you are ever in New York, do yourself a favor and go here. It’s a fun store and it’s almost always busy which means you’re sure to make some new friends while browsing. They also have a crazy selection of merch aside from albums and, surprisingly, actual books. I’ve gone after an EXO concert and after a BTS concert and both times were very fun, unifying fan experiences (because everyone from the concert would go there after). It’s expensive, of course, but they have a great selection and there’s no waiting for your shipment to come in.

Final review: 4 stars. Maybe it’s the fond memories I’ve had there, but I love Koryo Books.


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