A while back when I did my Teen, Age review I talked about how I’d hoped the album would be Seventeen’s “Perfect Album.” For me, a Perfect Album is an album that not only has no bad songs but that whose musical composition is cohesive and powerful. It’s an album that you can listen to all the way through, in order, and love every moment. So I wanted to start a series of blog posts where I talk about some of what I believe are Perfect Albums.

I won’t be talking about each track individually like I do with a normal review, but I’ll be breaking down why the album qualifies as Perfect and some highlight tracks that make the album truly special.

I have so so many ideas for this series and I already have one post in the works about Dark and Wild, which is arguably The Perfect Album of Kpop, but I’d love to hear what you all consider a Perfect Album! Share your favorites in the comments and let me know what your Perfect Albums are (even if they’re not Kpop)!


  1. The most recent album I would call perfect was Monsta X’s mini album, The Code. I have that shizz on repeat while I’m on the go, while I’m cooking, while I exercise(perfect to get your blood pumping), etc. I just let it play from start to finish every time. 🙂 but that could be cheating since it’s not a full album.

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