Life got a little busy yesterday so I couldn’t do my usual Friday post. And I definitely chose the wrong Friday to be busy because so much has happened.

The MAMAs and MMAs happened back to back and while I was able to catch the tail end of the MAMAs live (I watched it on my phone on a Twitter livestream at work) I wasn’t able to watch the MMAs live. However, I watched everything after and I have some thoughts to share.

The Performances

I loved seeing the difference in the two performances. For MAMAs, it was all hype. The songs left the audience no real time to rest; they were meant to get on their feet and stay there. And BTS was energetic too, delivering so much drive and passion that you couldn’t help but see why they were left for last of the night. It was unexpected to see them performing Cypher 4 but I loved seeing rap line in their usual velvet coats.

The MMAs were a totally different situation. The performance focused on the softer side of BTS. They still performed DNA, which I frankly could’ve done without given the tone of the whole thing, but the focus for me was on You Never Walk Alone and Spring Day. It’s been a while since BTS has done Spring Day live and I have to say I’ve missed it. But I honestly never believed I’d see them perform You Never Walk Alone.

If you follow me on Instagram (which you totally should), then you’d know that my username is supplementary_story for a reason. You Never Walk Alone is a monumental song for me. It’s BTS reaffirming their commitment to ARMYs, but more importantly it’s a song of hope. You Never Walk Alone came from a place of honesty and vulnerability and it’s BTS at their realest. It’s because of all of that that it is so significant that they performed it live. They don’t want us to forget, even after all of the fame, that they’re here for us.

The Awards

It honestly feels like BTS won everything. I know they didn’t get Album of the Year at MAMA, but they didn’t need to. They raked in Artist of the Year, Best Music Video, and Best Asian Style at MAMAs and Top 10 Artists, Global Artist, Best Music Video, and Song of the Year at MMAs. It felt like they never quite got to sit down and I think we all remember the sweaty boys standing up immediately after their performance at MAMA to get their Album of the Year award.

bts mama

It was also lovely to see Yoongi take home the Hot Trend Award for the production that he did for Suran’s song.

Final Thoughts

I’m sure the boys are exhausted and I hope they get some well-deserved rest in the following days. I am, as always, unbelievably proud of them and incredibly impressed by their performances. I know that there was some tension with EXO-Ls about the awards and I hope that we can all move past that because at the end of the day the groups are friends and people who are picking fights for jealousy’s sake are honestly just making fools of themselves.

That said, I was also super pumped to see EXO at the MAMAs! And Taemin’s performance with Sunmi was unbelievable and if you haven’t seen it I need you to stop what you’re doing and watch it right now. I’ll even link it so you have no excuse.

There’s even a fancam of Jungkook reacting to Move where he was super impressed by Taemin’s dancing.

This was a bit more disorganized than I planned but I suppose that’s what happens when you’re excited for your faves.

Tell me, what performances did you love? Are you excited for BTS? What other faves of yours won at the MAMAs and MMAs?


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