So much is happening in the world of Kpop so to save myself the trouble of investing in listening to a full album, I’m back to do Album or Nah? Some of these releases don’t have full albums so this won’t be a normal Album or Nah? but I’ll make for it by deciding whether or not I’d become a fan.

Hyuna – Lip and Hip

I’ll admit upfront: I didn’t like it. I expected, when I heard the single would be on the weirder side, that I would love it as I love girl releases that push the envelope. However, the song felt too disjointed to really enjoy and watching Hyuna do odd thing after odd thing wasn’t distracting enough to make me forget how little I enjoyed the song.

Would I listen to the album? This is a single release so there is no album but I have to say this isn’t Hyuna’s best. I already don’t quite gravitate toward her music–though I think she’s really cool–and this isn’t helping me change my mind.

The Boyz – Boy

This was such a deceptively good song. I say deceptively because when it started I immediately thought “Oh, this is just like Energetic.” However, as the song progressed, my annoyance turned into genuine admiration. They’re very talented and I found the song grew on me rather quickly. I stand by what I said–it is very similar to Energetic. However, The Boyz are unique in their own right and I see big things for them.

Would I listen to the album? I had never heard of The Boyz until now but I liked this single enough to give them a chance.

Day6 – I Like You

I am always a little tentative with Day6, not because I don’t think they’re incredibly talented, but because Letting Go came out literally not even a week after the passing of a close family friend and it was too emotional for me to get into. After that, I was a little scarred. However, I figured it was time to give Day6 a chance again and I’m glad I did. I Like You is much brighter than I expected it to be but still very signature Day6 with its tinge of sadness or wistfulness or something in-between.

Would I listen to the album? Honestly? Maybe not all in one sitting. Day6 gets me too far into my feelings so I do have to give myself a little bit of breathing room, but I still have a special place in my heart for them.

BTS – Crystal Snow

It’s difficult for me to say anything negative about BTS so I’m thankful they give me very little to complain about. This song is stunning and slow without being too soft. It sounds almost like an OST but I kind of like this vulnerable side of BTS. It reminds me in tone of Butterfly, if Butterfly were more upbeat. It’s just as reminiscent and reflective but it has a little more drama. I’ll be honest and say it probably won’t be my favorite Japanese single but it holds up with BTS’s other discography.

Would I listen to the album? I mean the album is literally just the Japanese versions of DNA and Mic Drop, so this isn’t entirely fair but yes, absolutely. There isn’t a BTS release out there I wouldn’t listen to.

KARD – You in Me

There isn’t a KARD song I don’t like, despite them mostly sounding the same, and this is no exception. It’s not quite my favorite; I’m not a fan of the creepy undertones and the desperation, but I can bop to it and that’s enough for me.

Would I listen to the album? Maybe? I’m not super convinced even though I actually really like KARD. I can’t put my finger on it but I’m not really compelled to listen to it.

What comebacks have you been excited about? Any upcoming ones that you can’t wait for? I personally can’t wait for the Move repackage, but I heard Dean is planning something too. Let me know what you all are excited for!

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