As a form of healing, I’ve been listening to some of my favorite Jonghyun and Shinee songs. It not only brightens my mood, but it makes me feel like a part of him is still here with me. This playlist is mostly upbeat songs, but there are a maybe one or two that can be triggering so I’ll label them accordingly.

1. White T-Shirt

God. There isn’t a moment when this song doesn’t lift up my mood. It’s such a fun song and it’s a perfect showcase of how whimsical a performer Jonghyun was. Every time this song came on my mourning playlist (that’s what it’s titled in my phone), I would immediately smile as I sang along with Jonghyun’s “You’re so rock and roll.”

2. Blinking Game

This is a personal all-time favorite. I’m a lover of old school jazzy classics and this sounds like it could be one of them. I’m always in awe of Jonghyun’s vocals, but this song in particular is such a beautiful showcase of the gentility his voice had. It’s the kind of song that can calm you down and bring you peace.

3. Deja-Boo

I can’t imagine not loving a song where two incredible vocalists come together to make such a fun song and not loving it. This track makes you want to put on a suit and get up and dance.

4. Hallelujah

This song is so sexy. Like, unbelievably so. Just watch any performance of this song and you’ll see how sensual the choreography is. I loved how Jonghyun never shied away from being sexy and how that was just a part of who he was as an artist.

5. Neon

I discovered this song because one of my friends said it was on their essential Jonghyun playlist and I knew their taste matched mine. It was exactly as good as I expected it to be. It’s got all the sensuality of Deja-Boo but with a totally different vibe. I’m not quite sure how Jonghyun managed to make each of his “sexy songs” sound unique and wonderful while still being resolutely his, but he made that magic happen each time.

6. Moon

At this point you’re probably thinking “Another sexy track? Seriously?” And yes, seriously. I love Moon. Not only is it slow and sensual and slick, but it reminds me so much of Jonghyun. Whenever I look at the moon, I think of him. And this song is, bizarrely, a fabulous song to look at the moon to.

7. She Is

As the title track from his full album, She Is had to be on this playlist. I remember falling instantly in love with this song when it came out and the teasers made me so excited for the music video to drop. It’s such a colorful and bright video to match an equally bright song.

8. Replay

The original Shinee track, their debut song, the one that drives tears to any Shawol’s eyes. Replay is a Shinee classic. It’s a light song with a fun refrain that makes it palatable to even first time Shinee listeners but it’s got such emotional resonance with fans who have been there since the beginning.

9. Ring Ding Dong

There’s a meme on Tumblr that says that you getting someone into Kpop is a slow process. You can’t just shove them face first into Ring Ding Dong and expect them to stick around. And I’ll admit, they’re right. Ring Ding Dong is a weird song, but it’s an incredibly catchy track. After a while, you can’t help but love it.

10. Married to the Music

There are a lot of Shinee tracks I didn’t put on this list, but they’re all amazing. This one, however, is one that I literally cannot sit still too. Maybe it’s just my affinity for dance-y tracks, but I am such a sucker for a good party track that sounds like 70s music. I also seriously love the music video in all its bizarre glory.

11. Don’t Let Me Go

This is the one that could be triggering. At the very least to me it is. As much as it makes me sad, I can’t help but love it. It’s such a beautiful showcase of Shinee’s vocals and I adore every part of it.

Tell me, what are your favorite Jonghyun tracks or Shinee tracks? Have you been avoiding his songs since Monday or have you been listening to them now more than ever?


  1. I’ve been trying to learn more about him and the group lately. I always knew of SHINee because of how influential they are but compared to other groups I don’t know anything. A recent song I’ve been listening to is “A Gloomy Clock.” One of the ones Jonghyun composed that IU sings.

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