This list is totally subjective and based on moments when I couldn’t help but notice these groups in whatever they were doing. These moments are by no means all happy. They are just significant moments in the year that make this year unique, if a little sad. On Friday, I will have the boy group counterpart of this.

10. WoW! Release

This isn’t even my favorite song on the album, but I loved this release. It turned me into a Lovelyz fan without much effort. It was a combination of their cuteness and the catchy repetitiveness of the song, but before long I was listening to WoW! almost every day.

9. Dreamcatcher Debut

I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of Dreamcatcher. Their sound is a bit too harsh for me. However, anyone could tell you that this release was revolutionary. Not only was their style unlike anything anyone had ever heard before, but their music video was genuinely scary. Like horror movie scary. You don’t have to like their single, Chase Me, to know these girls are pretty badass.

8. Happy Release

I’d stopped paying attention to Cosmic Girls after “The Secret” because I hadn’t been as huge a fan of that release. I picked back up with I Wish, but Happy really sealed me back in as a permanent fan. It was such an upbeat song that you couldn’t help but love it.

7. Pristin Debut

I’d been anticipating their debut for ages and I was a bit disappointed when they finally did and the song was so…bizarre. However, like any good earworm, it eventually grew on me. After a week, I had already caught up on livestages and knew the choreography by memory.

6. Palette Release

This was such a beautiful release. I did not expect to love it as much as I did, but as usual, I was blown away by IU’s soft voice and her insightful lyrics. I wasn’t a huge fan of G-Dragon’s verse, but overall this was such a sweet release, especially with its April 21st drop date, for spring.

5. Wonder Girls Disbanding

The Wonder Girls disbanded on January 26th and I’ll be mad about it for years to come. They should’ve gotten many more resources and much more attention from their company. Unlike the SISTAR disbandment, there was nothing sweet or complete about the Wonder Girls disbandment. The Wonder Girls deserved better.

4. Night Rather Than Day Release

EXID completely switched up their sound for this release. They were smooth and jazzy. It spoke of long nights and bright lights in the city. It was a perfect showcase of the capabilities of the members without Solji and it was received beautifully. It was an entirely unexpected spring release (April 10th, to be exact) and a wonderful way to kick off the year.

3. Likey Release

I’m absolutely biased in saying this is one of the top releases of the year. This dropped on my birthday on October 30th and it was sweet and fun, as was entirely expected of Twice. The song lived up to prior releases while still being uniquely its own.

2. Peek A Boo Release

This was such an insanely revolutionary release. Never mind the fact that it came out days after Halloween on November 17th, this revived the eerie fall spirit in everyone who listened to it. The music video was ominous and looming yet somehow fun. It made you want to order pizza and live in an old haunted house.

1. SISTAR Disbanding

On June 4th of this year, the queens of summer left us. This was such a defining moment of the year for me because I’d always adored them and it took me real work to get past their disbandment. However, it is incredible to me how the girls have stayed in touch and I love seeing what they’ve chosen to do on their own. Because of their impact and my immense gratitude for everything they’ve done, this is my top girl group moment of the year.

What were your top girl group moments? Do you agree with any on this list? If you make your own list, be sure to tag me in it!


  1. In terms of releases, I’d definitely put GFriend’s “Fingertip” on my list! It was one of my favorite songs of the year (second only to “Shangri La”) and I really loved that they got to try a different concept, even though the rest of their fandom didn’t. >.< Plus that album felt very anime soundtrack reminiscent to me, and I love it when K-pop artists draw on that influence!

    With disbandments/departures, I'd put SNSD losing 3 members on my list, too. ): And in terms of disappointments, I'm so bummed that we didn't get a Ladies' Code comeback this year. Their music was so good last year, and I really wanted to hear more from them this year. Not to mention we still didn't get a Blackpink album. YG WAE.

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  2. Since I’m still trying to find a great girl kpop band for me to love, and having only discovered kpop end of last winter with the help of Dream Concert 2015 and my daughter’s biases from EXO, my disappointment is about finding 4Minute after they’ve disbanded a year before I discovered them! 😦 No fair.

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