A.k.a An Indulgent Post About My Bias

Ah, yes. If you’re at all like me, then you’ve been waiting for the Hixtape (the J-Hope Mixtape). No one knows what it’ll be about, who it’ll feature, if he’ll make his own beats or if he’ll be using someone else’s, but one thing is certain: it’s gonna be Lit.

So for today’s post I’m gonna be a little informal and a little indulgent and talk about my favorite person on planet earth–Jung Hoseok.

His Background

Jung Hoseok was born in Gwangju, South Korea on February 18th, 1994. He has one older sister, Dawon, who has her own clothing line and a rather popular Instagram. His father is a Korean Language and Literature teacher and Hoseok often jokes that he would’ve probably done the same had he not ended up in Bangtan.

Hoseok danced his whole life, building fame in his hometown. He joined BTS as one of the original members of rap line and despite his short verses and his focus on dancing, he blossomed in his lyric writing and became a fully fledged rapper, equal in skill to Suga and RM.

Why I Love Him (An Incomplete List)

I literally don’t know where to begin. When I first started stanning him, it was because he glowed. He just radiated warmth and every time he smiled I found myself smiling too. There was something about him that said that the reason he was so bright and so energetic wasn’t to draw attention to himself, but to make those around him happy. I admired that selflessness and I found him approachable even when I knew next to nothing about him.

But there’s more to it than that. There’s also his passion, how he devotes himself to his craft completely. If you watch any of BTS’s vlogs, you can see how his face changes when he talks about dancing. There’s a little knit in his brow and a little pout in his lips. You can see how important it is to him and how seriously he takes it.

And then of course there’s his natural friendliness. Hoseok is such a touchy and openly affectionate person. It’s why there are so many pictures and gifs of Hoseok holding hands with another member or giving another member a massage or hugging another member–the list goes on. He looks at everyone like they’re the most important person to him, even the fans. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched a fansign fancam and seen him gazing lovingly into an ARMY’s eyes as they talk to him. And he does that each time! Each person he speaks to gets the same sweet devotion and it reflects the genuine adoration he has for his fans.

There are other, simpler things that I love about him. Like his round, small dimples that only pop up when he flashes a tight-lipped smile or is munching on some food. And slope of his nose. And the shape of his lips when he smiles in a perfect heart. And the tiny mole that dots his cupid’s bow. And his hair that, even after dozens of dye jobs, still looks so soft you can almost feel it. And his long elegant fingers.

I’ll stop, but you get the picture. I love everything about him.

Final Thoughts

This post was not meant to be informative or really helpful in anyway. It was just baffling to me that for as long as I’ve had this blog I’ve never written a full out post about my ultimate bias. Now, as we’re all anticipating the drop his mixtape, I want Hoseok to know–as always–how incredible he is. I know that he in particular is very conscious of his image and how he presents himself to ARMYs and I just want him to remember how fantastic he is and how much we adore him. I hope that he’s just as excited to share his mixtape with us as we are to hear it.

I spent a good hour selecting a featured image from my two favorite J-Hope fansites (Eternal Diamond and HopeSmiling) and I couldn’t decide on just one so here are some gratuitous pictures of everyone’s favorite angel.

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  1. i can’t wait for the Hixtape!!! I have such a deep respect for this man. His talent is just so amazing! When I watched the live performance of MAMA during the Wings Tour, I was left speechless. I was just staring at my TV screen – I couldn’t move. I barely dared to breath fearing I’d miss even a millisecond of his performance!

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  2. I’ve mentioned it on my blog a couple of times before, J-hoooope(gotta say his name like this) is my fave member since the beginning. You know way back in the days when we had forehead showing J-hoooope. I always loved his more goofy personality and also his own style of dancing. Im glad after Mic Drop it feels more people have been noticing him more.

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