It’s time for another Album or Nah! It’s been a good month so far for girls and I wanted to showcase that by doing an all girls edition of Album or Nah.

Oh My Girl – Secret Garden

I adore Oh My Girl, even with all the trouble they made during Windy Day. I was really looking forward to such a visually stunning comeback. Because it honestly truly is so beautiful (I mean, an album that comes with its own storybook!? A++, ladies). But the song was just not up to par with their previous comebacks. It was cute, I can’t complain, but it just wasn’t up to Oh My Girl’s capabilities.

Would I listen to the album? Absolutely. I wasn’t a huge fan of Liar, Liar either but I ended up loving the entire album and I’m certain I’d do the same with this one.

Sunmi – Heroine

I love Sunmi–I do. She’s gorgeous, she’s talented. And I adored Gashina. So in the wake of something that good, it’s hard for me to say that this is just as incredible. She looked beautiful in the MV and it was a cool concept, but I just wasn’t vibing with this one.

Would I listen to the album? It’s just a single, but even still: no. It was just okay.

Chungha – Roller Coaster

Despite how much I love Chungha as a person, I’m not the biggest fan of her voice. So it takes a little more effort for me to like her music. This didn’t quite go the extra mile it needed to for me. I wanted to love it–the visuals were stunning–but it just wasn’t there.

Would I listen to the album? Eh. Maybe? I’d have to get into the mood.

Momoland – Bboom Bboom

This was weird in the best way. It was catchy with a funky beat and the breakdown was surprisingly really good for as bizarre as it was with the rest of the song. I also adored the choreography and the music video was right up my alley with all the strangeness.

Would I listen to the album? Oh, god yes. In a heartbeat.

Kriesha Chu – Like Paradise

This was a cute track, if a little boring. It had all the makings of a really great song but the pacing itself was slow for the amount of energy it was trying to deliver. All that said, the MV was precious.

Would I listen to the album? There isn’t an actual album to go along with this song, but if there were I’d be willing to give it a shot. I like her voice enough where I could see myself maybe finding a hidden gem that I ended up loving.

Girlkind – Fanci

Oh my god, this choreo. Even before the song started in earnest, I was so impressed by their choreography. That aside, I wasn’t super impressed by the song. It had a valiant attempt at being catchy with the repetitive chorus but the execution just wasn’t there. Their vocals are great, though, so I expect they’ll do much more in the future.

Would I listen to the album? It’s just a single album, so no actual album. Even still, I probably wouldn’t listen to the album. I have faith in the girls though and I’m sure the next comeback will be even better.

Do you disagree with me about these comebacks? Are there any comebacks you’ve been excited about? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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