This week has been…a week. It’s been crazy which is why I didn’t have my usual Wednesday post and why I’ve been so absent in responding to comments and reading other’s posts. That said, I’ve been wanting to do a New Year’s Playlist for a while now and given that we are heading into the second month of the year, it’s about time. The vibe for this is commanding, independent, decisive, and bold. It’s maybe a little feminine but I hope this is empowering and exciting regardless.

1. Red Velvet – Bad Boy

This was such an exciting change of pace for Red Velvet and one I really ended up liking. While I definitely hope the shift in concept isn’t permanent, I was psyched to see the girls do something a little more badass. This track definitely belongs on the list for a new, bolder you.

2. Momoland – Bboom Bboom

This is such an upbeat, fun song. I can’t quite place why it belongs on a playlist for being a badass but I think part of loving yourself as a person is feeling comfortable being yourself in all your many versions–even the silliest one.

3. LOONA/Odd Eye Circle – Girl Front

Okay, I’ll shut up about this song when it stops being the revolutionary club banger that we all know it is. This song is perfect for a year of taking control of your own life and being the best person you can be. And also going to the club and dancing the night away.

4. Jonghyun – Shinin’

Jonghyun truly blessed us with Poet | Artist and nothing is a better testament to that than Shinin’. It’s exactly what any good single should be and it makes you smile at the memory he left us rather than cry. It’s perfect and no playlist would be complete without it.

5. Jonghyun – Grease

On the other end of the spectrum–and just for the sake of including another Jjong song–Grease is a song about letting go and sloughing off the unnecessary, terrible things. It’s a song of moving on and cleaning off the residue. In other words, new year, new you.

6. Taemin – MOVE

This has nothing to do with anything but if MOVE doesn’t make you feel like your boldest, most exciting self then I don’t know what to tell you. Taemin outdid himself with MOVE and what better honor to give it than using it as your 2018 anthem.

7. BTS – 21st Century Girl

This one is a little more for the ladies but bear with me: BTS always wants you to feel amazing. It’s what Love Yourself is about. 21st Century Girl has a special place in my heart because it makes me think of that whole Tweet that said this was a “feminist bop” and I feel that.

I’ll be honest. This playlist was based much more on feeling than actual coherent flow so it may be not the absolute best for you. But that is exactly why I want to hear what you all have on your 2018 playlists! Leave me a comment and let me know!


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