One thing that is always changing and always increasing is ARMY. We are a huge, huge group of fans now and there are quite a few new ARMYs who have never had the opportunity to learn about all the beautiful and unique content BTS has made for us since their debut. In today’s post, I wanted to do a breakdown of BTS’s shows for the uninitiated.

Rookie King

This was the first variety show that BTS produced for us and it has a host of truly memorable moments including when Taehyung and Hoseok kissed and when Jimin crushed chopsticks with his butt cheeks. It was a simpler time where the boys were under a much tighter budget, but it was, as ever, quality comedy and a fun way to get to know the boys.

American Hustle Life

Oh my god. What a show. If you were not an ARMY in 2014 then you probably missed this gem of a show, but worry not! BTS Trans has the whole series uploaded onto their DailyMotion. This show is pretty much divided across the board which is to say that either you love it or you hate it, but in any case it’s cringe after cringe after cringe. It also showed the boys in a totally new environment and it was definitely an experience to watch them adapt.


This was a treasure from 2015. While definitely not as exciting as its partner, Run, Gayo was a cute way for the boys to play around in a studio and answer silly questions about their own music and about K-Pop music in general. This is not a must watch if you’re trying to get to know BTS, but treat yourself to a few episodes if you want a laugh.


I can’t confirm this but I have to imagine this is one of BTS’s longest running shows. I’m honestly surprised they haven’t run out of ideas for this show yet, but I’m glad they haven’t. This one is easier for ARMYs now to access it because it’s currently running but it’s absolutely worth going back and watching past episodes if you want to get to know BTS a little more intimately.

Bon Voyage

This show is truly BTS’s masterpiece. It not only shows BTS adapting to foreign environments but it shows their teamwork and cooperation skills in close quarters. It shows them as a family and it has some of the most precious moments in BTS history. While season one is a favorite of mine, season two was also very cute and paired the boys up in unusual ways that explored their friendships.


Bangtan Bomb

These are sweetest, best thing that BTS has given us. They’re silly and fun and incredibly short so you can marathon quite a few very quickly. If you want to get to know BTS in all of their glory, Bangtan Bombs are the place to go. You can start literally anywhere and find something that will warm your heart and make you love them more than you already do. While I recommend watching the earlier ones first and working your way forward, you can’t really go wrong any way.


These are essentially longer Bangtan Bombs and they typically cover award shows and music video shootings. They’re not usually strictly silly like Bangtan Bombs. Rather, they function more as a Behind the Scenes for the fans to see the boys preparing for big events in their career.

While I definitely can’t condone illegal links to any of these, I know that I can’t stop you from Googling these shows and finding Google Drive links to the individual episodes, which are readily available pretty much anywhere. So do as you wish! But enjoy the boys at their best and their most honest and let me know what you think of these shows in the comments!


  1. Thank you for this great BTS show summary. It’s a bit confusing when you’re as late into the BTS scene as I am. The only one I fully know about is RUN BTS as it’s active and on-going right now. But I hear snippets of this show and that so this is good to know where it all comes from!

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