Earlier this week I made a post about all the BTS shows for everyone to have a resource to turn to, but now I want to be a little more indulgent and talk about the shows I love.

Seventeen’s 13 Castaway Boys

This was such a sweet show and it really was all about showing carats how Seventeen worked together as a family unit. It was so interesting to see different boys take on roles that we expected of them but had never quite seen them in like housewife Mingyu and gardening fairy Wonwoo. If you want a heartwarming show that never loses your interest, 13 Castaway Boys is it.

American Hustle Life

This is a straight-up masterpiece, no one can convince me otherwise. I recognize that it was super uncomfortable at times and it was definitely a learning process for the boys, but I think it taught them so much about themselves and their image and it gave them a better understanding of how to make their sound more them while still incorporating elements of hip hop.

Weekly Idol

Any episode of this show is gold, but my personal favorites are the ones with Red Velvet, Shinee, and BTS. I just can’t get enough of Hoseok, Jungkook, and Jimin doing girl group dances and Shinee doing a double-time Sherlock. It’s an unnatural environment and while I am typically not a fan of that, I like this instance of it.

Let’s Dance

Okay, I’ll admit. This is mostly because I like to see the idols playing games. The actual learning process for the choreography is far too fast for me to actually catch anything. Regardless, I don’t think anyone would be able to focus on learning dance moves when their idol is giggling and having a good time.

Monsta X’s Right Now

This was legitimately one of the funniest things I ever had the pleasure of watching. I’d never taken much interest in Monsta X as people but when I heard this show was coming out I jumped on board to see if I could learn to love them and I did–immediately.

Real GOT7

This was an easy sell for me at the time because GOT7 was the only K-Pop group I loved and this was my first real dive into K-Pop content. I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was such variety in every episode and that you really got to know the idol more intimately than you would have otherwise. Especially for a Mark girl like me, it afforded me an actual opportunity to see him talking! And laughing! And having a personality! (That’s not a roast, I legitimately knew nothing about the guy. He’s a tough boy to read.)

This is such a disorganized post because I mostly just wanted to share what shows I’ve really loved in my years of loving K-Pop. Let me know what shows you guys have loved. What was your first K-Pop variety show? What’s your current fave obsession? Leave me a comment and let me know!


  1. I love all of GOT7’s variety shows! SHINee is another standout–when I was first looking into them I marathoned their seasons of Hello Baby and One Fine Day, both of which were really fun and interesting to watch! All five of them are incredible on variety shows.

    VIXX is another group who I got into largely because I enjoyed their variety shows so much. It’s been four years or so, so i can’t remember the exact name of it, but there’s a set of episodes where they go on an overnight trip that are absolutely hilarious.

    I never watched the first season of Roommate, but I did watch the second, and I absolutely loved it. I’m still bummed that it didn’t get renewed for a third season.

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  2. Real Got7!! I can totally relate to feeling that Mark is finally talking in this show! And AHL is a gem in the ARMYverse ❤️

    I have been binge watching idol producing shows like PD101 S1 and S2, Mix Nine, Stray Kids for the past few weeks / months and I can say that I’ve not had enough. Now I’m eagerly waiting for the episodes of Idol Producer (shockingly similar to pd101) which is technically not Kpop but Lay (EXO), Jackson (GOT7) is there along with Kyulkyung (Pristin) and Chengxiao (WJSN) !!

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  3. Oh! I have to check out Monsta X Right Now! There was a clip I saw of them making Wonho do a sexy dance in the middle of a cafe. I think he was working there as a barista as part of some type of challenge/dare. He had a one-way mic and they were telling him what to do and say. Any idea where I can find that full show? I was laughing so hard from that one clip!

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  4. I watched the first 2 episodes of Monsta X Right Now last night – very funny! I think I like Wonho’s personality to the most though Kihyun is quite funny, too. I also watched Season 2 ep 1 of Monsta X-Ray. And THAT had the scene I was asking about in my previous comment! I laughed so loud watching Wonho accept his challenge. He was dancing all sexy against that back wall right in front of this lady sitting by herself drinking coffee! She was surprised but you can tell she was laughing pretty hard. Can you imagine sitting there minding your own business and some one just doing that? Seems like most of them did not know they were an idol (unless coaxed to think about it).

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