I’ve been incredibly absent as of late, but rather than being overwhelmed and overworked (as I typically am), I’ve actually been busy doing something quite a bit more pleasant. I don’t want to get too personal, but you can imagine by the title of this playlist what it is that I’m talking about. In any case, this is a playlist for anyone wanting to get into the spirit of the upcoming holiday. I hope you get as mushy about it as I do.

Heart Attack – Chuu

I’ve been in love with this song since I heard it and it’s such a sweet track that I couldn’t help but think of it instantly when I thought of Valentine’s Day. It’s technically a winter release but it fits so beautifully with this season and it speaks of the purest, loveliest love.

Heart Shaker – Twice

Fitting with the theme, this song is also cute and seasonally appropriate for both winter and Valentine’s Day. I love the excitement and jitters of first love that this song expresses. It’s cute and vibrant and I can’t imagine anyone not loving it.

Hangang – Hoody

This is a little smoother than the first two tracks. It seems a little more adult, a little more sure of itself. Where Twice and Chuu are nervous and shy, Hoody is ecstatic and bold. There’s also something about it that reminds me of the city in the springtime, like the perfect park date.

Wanna Be (My Baby) – Wanna One

I have a soft spot for Wanna One and even though this song is more silly than legitimately serious, it accurately expresses the feelings at the start of a relationship. I think part of my adoration for this song comes from the bright grins on the boys’ faces when they perform this, but it’s still a fitting song for Valentine’s Day.

Angel – NCT 127

I like to think this song is the feeling you get before you even begin a relationship, when you first meet the person you like and realize that you think they’re incredible. It’s such a ethereal track too, like they’re trying to capture or emulate the sound of an angel.

For You – BTS

It wouldn’t be a playlist without BTS. I adore this song more than anything largely because it’s such a dulcet track. When I first heard it, I almost cried. I didn’t even have to listen to the lyrics to feel moved by the melody and the sound of the boys’ voices. It’s one of those songs where just the feeling of it is enough to feel in love.

Love Sick – Shinee

I suppose this is more of an anniversary track, but it still fits with the theme. Honestly, choosing just one Shinee song for a Valentine’s Day playlist is a monumental task, but I have a special place in my heart for Love Sick so this one had to be the one I chose.

Cupid – Oh My Girl

Jumping right back to the innocence of first love, Cupid is just one of those songs that I can never get enough of. It’s so cute and it was crafted to be easily one of the catchiest debuts ever. I could’ve chosen from a number of Oh My Girl songs, but this one is such a standout and it has such a fun quality to it.

Something Good – GOT7

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I have very little patience for GOT7 albums after Identify. That said, I will never not love this song. It makes me have this intense warmth in my heart and it makes me wanna curl up on a cool day with the person I like.

24/7=Heaven – BTS

I know this is the second BTS song on the playlist, but there’s a reason for this one, I swear. This song is all about the excitement before the first date and boy, am I there. I was rereading the lyrics for this one and I felt myself nodding along like “Yes, I feel that way too!”

Blinking Game – Jonghyun

I’ve loved this song from the moment I heard it. It’s stunning not only lyrically but musically and it’s a testament to Jonghyun’s immense talent. This is the song you want to fall in love to.

I wanted to do two Valentine’s Day playlists: a sweet one and one with a slightly more…seductive tone. This is obviously the sweet one, and I’ll have the other one out on Monday. Let me know what you have on your Valentine’s Day playlists!

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