I promised a spicy Valentine’s Day playlist and I always deliver on my promises. This one is more intimate, but still classy. Think of this as whispered I love yous and fleeting touches where all the warmth you need is burning you up from the inside out.

우아해 – Crush

I adore this song. Since I heard it for the first time, I knew it would be a lifelong favorite and it was my first thought when I started making this playlist. It’s sensual and soft but still has enough bounce to make you wanna dance.

Baby Baby – Winner

There’s something about the slow, lazy quality of this track that really felt fitting. The croon of Taehyun’s “Baby, baby” paired with the vivid memories of the MV where Mino got into bed with a naked woman truly solidify this song for me in this playlist.

Ace – Taemin

In all honesty, I watched a stage of Ace for the first time and I felt like I’d been transformed as a woman. Taemin has such power with his sensuality that it’s almost consuming. I can’t imagine anyone listening to this song and not feeling a little flustered.

The Eve – EXO

Listen, I know that the lyrics in this have nothing to do with desire or lust or any of that, but damn it all if it doesn’t sound sexy. Part of that is because the original demo by Henry was focused a much different and much more predictable topic. The other half of it is simply EXO’s powerful vocals.

Velvet – EXID (LE Solo)

I remember a friend of mine commenting, when this song came out, that the lyrics were so blatant. They completely weren’t expecting LE to be talking about wanting someone so obviously and certainly not in such a seductive way, but, like me, they ended up loving it.

Put My Hands On You – Dean

This song is pretty self-explanatory, but Dean is truly the king of making you feel relaxed and thrilled all at once. There’s something about quality of his voice and the back-and-forth in the lyrics that capture the urgency in passion.

Moon – Jonghyun

This playlist wouldn’t be complete with Jjong. Frankly, no one else ever really did sexy like Jonghyun and I’m afraid no one ever will. That said, it was difficult to pick just one track to put on this list but Moon has a special place in my heart. Its lyrics are a little more obvious and unafraid in its desire than most and that’s kind of what I love about it.

House of Cards – BTS

I think part of the reason I put this on here is trauma from having watched too many YouTube fanfics where the main characters always get intimate to House of Cards, but there really is something sensual about this song. Despite its lyrics, it really is inviting you to feel something a little different than simple angst. There’s lust there that’s unfulfilled and I think that’s where the desire builds.

Leave me a comment and tell me about your Valentine’s Day playlist!


  1. Oh – I have not heard the solo from LE so I must check it out! LE is the first idol to have really caught my eye when I first got into KPOP. Even though I don’t stan EXID (I still like them though), LE is just so cool. I probably have a girl-crush on her. Yeah. I do. 🙂

    House of Cards is so… well, it’s like ear-p0rn. That’s the best way I can describe it.


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