I know I’ve been a little MIA as of late, but I never want to abandon this blog because I still adore K-Pop and it still means a lot to me. As we merge into spring, my mind is on rebirth and blooming flowers and the ever-encroaching anticipation of summer. This playlist is blended smoothie of blossoms and butterflies-in-the-stomach and possibilities.

Hangang – Hoody

I know I have a bad habit of putting this song on every playlist but it’s only because it’s so good. Hoody’s vocals are so clear and so beautiful and this has the perfect springtime in the city vibe that makes me want to travel and see the cherry blossoms blooming.

Change Up – Seventeen

This may be a weird choice but hear me out. This song is such a good song for hyping yourself up and I can definitely feel it as a finals-are-coming-but-I’ve-got-this kind of a vibe. It’s a perfect song to drive to with the top down and make a complete fool of yourself.

Island – Winner

Oh, man. Winner really sent me directly to the beach with this track. Because I live in Florida, springtime really means “It’s time to go back to the beach” so this is such a fitting song for this playlist for me. I can picture it playing on the beach as I tan and watch people wonder what the hell I’m listening to but also wonder why it’s so damn good.

Whoo – Rainbow

Rainbow may have left us but they left us with something brilliant. This track is upbeat and bubbly and it makes me want to clean my whole house and plant a garden. It’s the type of song that not only gives you energy but makes you feel unendingly positive too.

Happy – WJSN

This falls into a similar spot as Whoo for me. It’s very bright and very sweet and it makes me happy just listening to it. I sincerely wish I had pompoms every time this song comes on so I could do the choreo just like the girls.

Loving U – Sistar

I know this is a throwback and it’s definitively a summer song, but Sistar to me is such a mood boosting group. Loving U makes me excited to get out in the sun. It makes me want to invite my friends over for a picnic or ride in convertible to the beach.

Miss Right – BTS

You know it wouldn’t be a playlist of mine without BTS. Miss Right is an older track but it’s certainly an unforgettable one. I went back and forth between this one and Coffee for a while, but I ultimately picked Miss Right because it holds a special place in my heart.

Boys and Girls – Zico

Okay, this was one of the first Zico songs I ever heard and I fell in love with it because it made me so excited for sunny weather. I love Zico’s summer tracks because they are always–and I mean always–bops. This one in particular can’t help but make you want to find a pool to dive into.

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