I know BTS just dropped Euphoria out of nowhere so I should be focusing on that but honestly I’ve been missing out on so many comebacks, I just wanted to make sure that I got a taste of everything in before I wrote an essay on how I felt about Euphoria. I know I missed quite a few and I’ll likely do another one of these later this week so that I can fully be caught up.

Winner – Everyday

Winner has never disappointed me. They consistently provide the bops that get me excited about driving down to the beach and blasting music. This was…not what I expected. I think something occurred where they realized they were succeeding with the hip hop crowd and they thought they could lean into it more, but it just doesn’t have the same catchiness that Island and Really Really have. It also feels distinctly not like Winner. Part of it is the autotuned but part of it is just watching the MV and seeing them try to be people that they’re really not. That said, I still love Winner and this may just be one of those things where the single is not doing the album any justice.

Would I listen to the album? Yeah. But tentatively.

The Boyz – Giddy Up

The title of this single did not put in the best position to trust it. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I think it was something that would definitively not work. Instead, The Boyz proved me wrong just as they did with Boy. Giddy Up is catchy and poppy in the best way. The choreography is killer and incredibly well done. They yet again proved their talent as a rookie group and I’m glad to see them trying out different sounds while still maintaining an image that seems very familiar and fitting to them.

Would I listen to the album? Oh, absolutely. One thing that listening to The Boyz has taught me is that I should never doubt what they’re capable of.

EXID – Lady

I was sad to see that EXID was still missing a member but I was not sad to see them back. I’m loving the movement to bring back the 90s and seeing Shinee do the 90s throwback so much justice—as well as Triple H—I was excited to see what other groups did. Lady is definitely different from what EXID has done in the past and can I say? THANK GOODNESS. As much I adore EXID, I hate seeing them do the same sexy song over and over again. While Night Rather Than Day is the supreme comeback for me, this was a close second.

Would I listen to the album? Yes, definitely. I love my girls.

Pentagon – Shine

Oh man, Pentagon. These are my boys. My sons who I raised on my back. I always pray that each comeback will be better than the last and I will say that they are incredibly talented and they work so hard and Critical Beauty was an Ultimate Song for me. That said, I’ve seen Pentagon fumble so much to figure themselves out these last few comebacks that it’s nice to see them find a new sound to try rather than the sad bop. Where this song fails for me is the choreo. I want to pay attention to their vocals and the song itself and I can’t because I’m too focused on watching them awkwardly try to emulate African American dance creations that really only Kino knows how to do properly.

Would I listen to the album? I am still a Universe. These are still my boys. I’ll listen to the album if nothing else out of support.

Oh My Girl – Banana Monkey Allergy

This was so weird and quirky. It was so distinctly Oh My Girl and I kind of fell in love with it. I definitely would not have expected them to be a subunit but I was excited to see how their vocals came together. It is legitimately such a bizarre set of lyrics and I sincerely doubt anyone is supposed to take it seriously, but that’s part of what makes it so unique and memorable. If nothing else, the music video is precious and I adore the choreo.

Would I listen to the album? Oh, definitely. This was too precious to pass up.

WJSN – Dreams Come True

The intro to this made it sound like video game music and damn it all if I don’t love girl group songs that sound like fantasy video game soundtracks. It makes me feel like I’m in a 90s anime and I love every minute of it. There’s something about the song that is both exciting and calming all at once. I was also really surprised to see how cohesive the rap was with the rest of the song; it just so elegantly done that I couldn’t help but be impressed by it.

Would I listen to the album? Absolutely. Out of all of WJSN’s title tracks, this is my favorite.

Is there anything coming up that you’re excited about? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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  1. I haven’t listened to most of these yet (work’s been overwhelming lately, alas) but I LOVED Lady, as expected, and I also really like Dreams Come True. WJSN has become one of my go-to groups to listen to at work, and I’m thinking about looking into them more later this year.

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