SHINEE is Coming Back!

There is a lot going on with this comeback so let me break it down.

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I’ll be the first to admit, I never thought I’d get to see Shinee again. In the wake of Jonghyun’s passing, I assumed SM would give Shinee a good year before they put them to work but that is clearly not the case. Although to be fair, it could be Shinee that wants to get back to work. Regardless, the news has every Shawol in a tizzy. There is a lot going on with this comeback so let me break it down.

The Teasers

So far there have been three teasers, each more exciting than the last. The third one had a snippet of choreography that let everyone know that just because it has been ten years does not mean that Shinee has let their choreography slip. They are still as crisp and as innovative as they have always been.

The colors of the teasers are also strange but entirely familiar. They remind me instinctively of Odd, but they do actually carry the tones of 1 of 1. What does this mean? Is is a coincidence? Is anything ever a coincidence in K-pop? I’d be willing to bet that whatever concept they’re building with this album is going to tie in directly with everything they have done leading up to it. Why? That leads me to the next part.

The Website

In anticipation of the album and in celebration of their ten years of music, SM has built a comeback website. It is entirely unintuitive which is precisely the point. You are forced to explore. When you enter the site, there is a large color wheel smack dab in the center of a blank white background. Clicking on the color wheel allows you to select actual colors to match songs from Shinee’s various albums.

If you look at the lower left hand corner, however, you see three dots in primary colors. This is where the fun begins. Each of the dots have distinct activities tied to them from fact or fiction to a bizarrely vague quiz that leads to a pleasant surprise.

I won’t spoil too much for you because I want you to discover for yourself, but I really recommend taking the time to play with it.

The Pictures

Take a look at the Shinee Facebook page and you will see a plethora of teaser pictures. The central focus appears to be color. From the album cover to the sheets of colored plastic used in the solo pictures to the actual drip of paint that coats them in one of the group pics, color is king. Shinee has always made ample use of color, but this time it seems entirely purposeful and direct. The comeback is color.

Final Thoughts

I am literally always excited for a Shinee comeback. Even when there isn’t one planned. It’s my resting state. I genuinely didn’t believe we would get one so soon and I am thankful to Shinee that they are still making music, still being entirely themselves, and still redefining the K-pop industry. May they continue to make incredible albums for as long as it makes them happy.

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