The Story of Light – SHINee Review

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Was this a review or an ode to SHINee’s excellence? I’ll let you decide. I’ll be honest, it was entirely impossible for me to be impartial. I was so excited for this album, especially after the MASTERPIECE that is 1 of 1, but SHINee never disappoints.

All Day All Night

This is certified boppington, there is literally no argument that can convince me otherwise. I loved every moment of this song from beginning to end. SHINee always delivers on the “last song of the night at the gay night club that gets everybody back on the dance floor” tracks and this is no exception. I’m so thankful to SHINee for blessing us with such an incredible start to this album and if you have a moment (which I know you do), you should watch this live stage of the kings in action.

Good Evening

Good Evening delivered. It delivered. It was hype and innovative and aesthetically vibrant and everything that you’ve come to expect from SHINee with all the surprise that you’ve also come to love from SHINee. It was perfect. It was fascinating and odd enough to not sound too commercial or mainstream. It is the kind of song that makes SHINee a legend and I loved every second of the music video.


I wanted to dance to this song as soon as it came on. SHINee is one of those groups that transcends genre so seamlessly that it does not even strike me as strange to see this side by side the other songs on this album. The whole album has a very futuristic luxury designer store ambient music feeling and this track is a prime example of that. Though, to be fair, if this played in a store, you would see me looking like a lunatic and dancing like no one was watching.


I hope SHINee knows the depth of my respect for them and their musical uniqueness. I really do. Because even as I’m listening to this song, I think to myself “If anyone else did this, I would not like it.” But I listen to SHINee put down this track and I immediately love it. There’s something that SHINee brings to the table that makes me love even the strangest of tracks. This song reminds me of those 90s electronica songs that, to this day, play at parties. But like, those songs’ classy older sister.

You & I

How is it that even SHINee’s ballads are the god’s honest truth? How are they consistently so beautiful and so soothing? How can I be so instantly at peace with the world upon hearing each of their voices sing to me over a space-age-y smooth jazz elevator backtrack? Will we ever have answers to any of these questions? No. Because SHINee are legends and they answer to no man.

I know this hardly qualified as a review, but can you really blame me? I mean, have you listened to the new album? Anyway, leave me a comment and let me know what your thoughts are on The Story of Light!


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