This has really been quite the month for girl groups. Despite how much is going on with the boys this month, girl groups still killed it and I couldn’t help but be drawn away from my boys and my kings to check out these girls who were still pumping out quality hits, men be damned.

AOA – Bingle Bangle

I am not typically an AOA girl. It’s nothing personal, I just have never been able to get into their singles. With the grand exception of Excuse Me, I never even much cared about their comebacks. But I saw that the girls were having a comeback and I didn’t want to miss out based on past experiences. So I sat down to watch the MV and oh my God, did I love it. The aesthetics are super cute, the music itself is fun and light, and the choreography straight killed it. Mind you, a big chunk of the reason I loved Excuse Me so much was the choreo and it was the same way here. I can definitely see this being a fun summer song to slip into a mix for beach drive.

Album or Nah? I’m pleasantly surprised, enough to care a little more. I’d give their album a listen, even if I wasn’t expecting to falling in love with every song.

LOONA/yyxy – love4eva

This one did not take me by surprise at all. After spending that one post going through all of LOONA’s singles, I can safely say I understand what their primary aesthetics are as well as the sound that they gravitate towards. What did take me by surprise was the fact that Grimes was apparently on the track. That’s a huge step for a K-pop girl group to make and I’m proud of LOONA for making it, though I honestly thought they could’ve done without the feature. Regardless, the music video was cute and the song was a typical LOONA song, if not an exceptional one.

Album or Nah? First impressions aside, it’s LOONA. I’m here for the long haul. Of course I’ll listen to the album.

(G)I-DLE – Latata

May I say that I avoided this one for a while and WOW was I impressed. The song itself really didn’t do too much for me but the vocals. My God, those vocals. Each of them is so incredibly talented and holds such a unique tone. As much as I love girl groups, some of their voices can get indistinguishable, but that’s really not the case here. I can see this song working its way into my brain until I love it, but honestly I would probably make myself love it anyway because I just can’t pass up their amazing vocals.

Album or Nah? Honestly, I’m ready to be a stan. You tell me when they’re coming back and I’ll be there.

What are your thoughts about this month’s releases? Do you think the girl groups held up against the top boy groups? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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  1. I love (G)I-dle vocals, as well! LATATA has be on heavy rotation on more than one of my playlists. I also love “What’s in your house” which is a more chill track on their debut mini-album. I’ll be keeping an eye/ear out for them!

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