I’ve Been Gone for a Minute…


But I’m literally coming back because Taemin has a comeback coming up. I got the notification on Vlive and I literally had my eyes shoot wide open. I watched the teaser and my instant reaction was just a long, loud “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS” so you know I’m excited.

Sorry I’ve been pretty absent as of late, but I had a conversation with a co-worker recently that made me remember how much I loved my blog. Now that my wedding craziness is over, I have a lovely (and peaceful) job at my local library, and I have a brand new chunk of free time I didn’t know previously existed, I can come back to my blog and talk about K-Pop.

Of course, so much has changed since I last was active. BTS is a certified sensation now and Buzzfeed has taken a solid and definitive interest in K-Pop. I think I’d like to do a post on the globalization of K-Pop because I definitely have some positive and negative things to say on that front.

All that said, I’m excited to hear from you all! I know I’ve missed out on months of life changes, follower increases, and much more, but I’m going to do my best to get caught up.


2 comments on “I’ve Been Gone for a Minute…”

  1. Welcome back – you’ve been missed!

    I went to see BTS live 2 nights in a row. J-Hope is now my bias. That man has the best stage presence and it just draws you in. I went from appreciating him as an artist to just having him blow my mind after seeing him live. A lot of people said that would happen – but to experience it is a whole different thing. So I was really shocked!

    It’s like he gives his 150% each time! Gotta respect that.

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