For those of you who don’t know, Loco actually just recently enlisted in the military. This means he won’t be making music for the next two years. That’s a tough moment in time for any fanbase to go through, and Loco seemed to acknowledge that. His new single, It’s Been a While–or 오랜만이야–is like a hello and a farewell all in one. It’s a going-away present for fans, but it’s also a perfect re-introduction for him when he returns.

New MV with Zion.T

Screenshot of Zion.T & Loco in the new 오랜만이야 MV

I think the most exciting part of Loco’s new song, for me, was the fact that Zion.T was in it. I’ll be totally honest: I’m not a huge Loco fan. I don’t actively avoid him or anything, but I don’t feel any sort of anticipatory thrill when he puts out a new song. That said, I am definitely that way about Zion.T. I just think he has such a natural musicality, and he always brings something totally unique to any collaboration that he does. When I saw that he had a new song with Loco, it immediately caught my attention.

The song, of course, is incredible, and I was super entertained by the light-hearted sweet video. The general vibe of the song is very happy–not quite upbeat or cheerful–but kind of content. It’s a little like delight but subtler. I’m glad that Loco chose something a little simpler and softer for his last single before enlisting.

Who is Loco?

Loco’s latest Instagram post

Born on Christmas Day in 1989, Kwon Hyukwoo is more commonly known as one of AOMG’s nicest–and more mainstream–rappers. Loco gained his start on the first season of Show Me the Money where he set the stage for the show’s continued success.

He has since established himself as a mainstay rapper and common feature on AOMG tracks. I first took notice of Loco when I listened to his verse on All I Wanna Do by Jay Park, and I realized he was talented, even if he didn’t immediately catch my attention.

All that aside, Loco is a star in his own right, with over a million followers on Instagram and his AOMG crew at his side, Loco has been and will continue to be a huge hit.

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