I’m gonna be real upfront–this post was unplanned and is entirely self-indulgent. I just want to talk about how much I love Hobi.

So yesterday I happened to get a notification from the V app and I took one look at the title of the video and I immediately tuned in. Mind you, try as might, I just haven’t been watching Vlives lately. Part of it is that I like to wait for the translated and captioned version to be uploaded before I watch, but part of it is also that I’m just not as interested in the content anymore. Is that bad?

So I’ve missed my fair share of videos. And, if you know anything about the V app, you get punished for not constantly tuning in. They have something called a “Chemi-Beat” and the more you watch a particular group or idol’s videos, the higher the Chemi-Beat level. I was at level 7 with BTS–the highest level possible–and I dropped all the way down to a level 4.

Here’s the crazy thing though: I pay for the Channel Plus. Like, every single month I give BTS $2.99 so that I can say that I’m a Channel Plus member but I literally never watch any videos. I’m essentially just paying them to exist. (But am I gonna stop? No.)

Anyway, so I tune in for the first time in months and it was honestly the best decision. I instantly remembered how much I loved everything about Hob. His long, delicate fingers, his tight smile with his teeny dimples, his way of being so naturally adorable that you find yourself grinning at him without even noticing. It was such a weird relief to know that I still cared this much about Hoseok–and BTS–even after this much time away from them. It was comforting to know that their impact hadn’t faded with time and that I’m still capable of getting excited over the smallest things they do.

For that, as always, thank you BTS, and happy birthday Hobi.

Now here’s a bunch of screenshots I got from the Vlive. Enjoy!


  1. I haven’t seen the whole Hobi bday V Live yet but caught the beginning. But family obligations pulled me away so I hope to watch it today with the English suns. J Hope is just such an awesome man! I hope he had a great birthday. I love how the rest (aside from a sleeping Yoongi) joined in and made a peaceful V Live chaotic and loud! LOL! It’s kind of typical them, though. 🙂 But I did love all the LOVE they gave him.

    I gave up on the Chem-Beats. With all their new subscribers due to their continuous fame it’s just too hard. I just watch when I can. The only thing I keep up with is RUN BTS.

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