So, along with the many “lo-fi chill beats to study/relax to” channels that exist on YouTube, there are also channels that devote themselves to bringing to light underground k-hip hop and k-r&b artists. They scour SoundCloud for the best of the best and cultivate unique playlists that encompass a mood perfectly. Here are some of my all-time favorite channels you should absolutely check out.

Danielions Playlists

This guy is a classic and a legend in the world of k-hip hop and k-indie playlists. He’s been creating these entirely unique playlists with incredible SoundCloud artists for years and he’s actually a pretty approachable guy. He frequently responds to comments and he’s done a Q&A talking about himself and why he does what he does. His playlists are unexpected and introduce you to new artists you wouldn’t have known about otherwise. When there is a particular artist he likes, he creates an artist spotlight of his favorite songs from that artist. I’m a big fan of the one he did for Rheehab specifically.

One of my favorite playlists from Danielions Playlists


Don’t be fooled by new name; this YouTube creator made their start as jimins playlists (their actual username was a lot longer and a little cringey but they’ve moved forward so I will too). Their playlists have a little bit of a different vibe than Danielions. While Danielions likes to spotlight particular artists, cribblingdepression focuses heavily on particular moods. Both are fantastic, but I tend to prefer cribblingdepression when I’m feeling more lighthearted and happy. Danielions is better, personally, for chill days, lazy days, or more contemplative days.

One of my favorite playlists from cribblingdepression


Formerly known as RLIFE (why are all these YouTube creators changing their handles?), relief is one of the chiller channels that I listen to. They frequently volley back and forth between Korean r&b and general lo-fi playlists. Their playlists have a lighter feel to them–although that may just be because the images they choose to thumbnail their videos are much cleaner and brighter than Danielions or cribblingdepression. relief is definitely my go-to when I want something in the background while I work on writing.

One of my favorite playlists from relief

Final Thoughts

Listening to undeground k-indie and k-hiphop is such a good opportunity to be exposed to really wonderful, creative artists. These channels do all of the hard work of finding these artists for you so you can simply enjoy their music. Do you have any favorite playlist channels on YouTube? Have you heard of these guys? Let me know in the comments!

Credit for cover image goes to Naela Ali

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