Spring means new beginnings and fresh weather that you can actually go outside in. I figured it was about time to do a lookbook inspired by some of my favorite K-pop comebacks, so you can get some style inspiration for your wardrobe.

This is my first time doing a lookbook, but I was inspired because I’ve been seeing so many cute OOTDs on my timeline lately. I tried to cultivate a look for more casual and formal tastes, and I tried to select options that were as affordable as possible. Also! I chose brands and retailers that I’ve purchased from before, so I know I can trust them.

Look 1 – Jeongyeon in Dance the Night Away

This is such a simple and sweet look for breezier days. It not only hints at the beginnings of summer, but it also gives you the flexibility of movement for a great picnic or playing around outside.

Shorts – Forever 21 High-Waist Cuffed Denim Shorts ($17.90)
These shorts are almost an exact dupe of the ones she’s wearing, and they’re super inexpensive. And! As someone who owns a pair of Forever 21 high-waisted shorts, I can say for certain that pretty stretchy and comfy.

Top – YesStyle ALIN STYLE – Frill Trim Knit Top ($11.90)
This is a little different than the one that Jeongyeon is wearing, but I actually love the sleeves on this one and I think it’s a little more suited for spring than Jeongyeon’s summer look.

Extra – Forever 21 Ribbed Lantern-Sleeve Cardigan ($22.90)
I’ve seen a few pictures where Jeongyeon is wearing a cute little white shirt tied off at her waist, but that’s more beach-y than springtime-y, so I opted for this cropped ribbed sweater that gives you a cozy look without completely overheating you.

Shoes – DSW Crown Vintage Pixie Espadrille Platform Sandals ($49.99)
I’m pretty sure all of Twice was either barefoot or wearing flip flops for the entire shoot, but I wanted to complete the look. These sandals have low platform heel that gives the whole look a little something extra, but you can go with a regular pair of strappy sandals if you prefer.

Look 2 – Irene in Ice Cream Cake

This is technically from a magazine spread during Ice Cream Cake era, but I think it still counts. Plus, I love the pastels for spring and this is such a clean and elegant look. I can definitely see this in a variety of formal settings or just on a special date.

Skirt – YesStyle In the Mood – Plain A-Line Skirt ($14.90)
This is a little different than Irene’s skirt in the picture, but I think the layering at the bottom is just subtle enough to add interest without being too frilly.

Top – Chuu Garden Floral Ribbon Blouse ($29)
I like how delicate the pattern is on this one and I especially like the billow of the sleeves. It balances out the straight and harsh edges of the skirt.

Extra – YesStyle Dute – Sheer Socks ($1.98)
I love the sheer socks trend and I think this would be the perfect outfit to pair with an understated pair of sheer socks. They’re interesting enough to draw attention, but they still blend in beautifully with the rest of the outfit.

Shoes – ModCloth Get Your Frill Oxford Heel ($79)
I know these are pricey but these are so cute and they are so perfect for this look. They’re girly and a little ostentatious, but I love the way that they’re a feminine formal heel.

Look 3 – Yoongi in HwaYangYeonHwa: Young Forever

This is such a memorable comeback. It’s super dreamy and flowery and soft, and that is the exact vibe you want for spring. I chose Yoongi because his little beret and flushed cheeks were everything.

Pants – Forever 21 High-Waist Skinny Jeans ($12.90)
These black jeans brings the look down from the Victorian tea party aesthetic that BTS had and turns the whole outfit into something wearable on the daily.

Top – YesStyle Prettissimo – Lace Panel Long-Sleeve Chiffon Blouse ($21.90)
This isn’t Yoongi’s exact blouse, but the color is similar and the general feeling of the blouse is the same. It has those lace fringes and high collar that makes you feel like you’re in a different era.

Extra – Forever 21 Burnished Pendant Lariat Necklace ($7.90)
In lieu of Yoongi’s little black puff ball, I opted for this cute and simple pendant necklace. It’s almost a bolo tie, but the floral pattern tips it back over to the frilly, garden aesthetic.

Beret – YesStyle FROME – Beret ($5.38)
The navy blue version of this beret is a little darker than the one that Yoongi has on, but it has over a thousand positive reviews, so clearly it’s still worth it. I also think this piece is really the tipping point that makes you say “that’s a Yoongi look.”

Look 4 – Woozi in Oh My!

Pants – Forever 21 Sculpted High-Rise Skinny Jeans ($29.90)
These jeans are pretty similar to Woozi’s but they hug your curves a little more and they’re a touch more clean-cut than his.

Top – YesStyle Appletin – Short-Sleeve Striped Blouse ($12.26)
I’ll admit–I spent a long time trying to find a perfect dupe for that shirt because it’s so cute, but this one is still pretty great. I like the brown-mustard color, especially with the pastel yellow of the socks.

Extra – Urban Outfitters Embroidered Bee Sock ($10)
I saw Woozi has some high socks in the picture and I love any opportunity to do quirky socks so I chose these light ones to pair with the top.

Shoes – Vans Old Skool Pro ($65)
I’m pretty sure Woozi is wearing Vans, which are a classic. They dress down the outfit so that you can wear it every day. You can also switch out the Vans and socks for a nude heel if you want it to be a little dressier.

Final Thoughts

What do y’all think of these looks? Should I do more of these? Let me know in the comments!


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