I haven’t done one of these in a while, but there are some comebacks that I’ve missed talking about in this last month or so. Because girl groups have been absolutely killing it lately, I thought I should do a girl group edition of Album or Nah to celebrate their successes.

GWSN – Pinky Star

This was highly anticipated for me. I actually really enjoyed Puzzle Moon, and I’m a huge fan of Miya, so I wanted to see what they would do for their next comeback. Pinky Star is a great follow-up to their first single. It fits their whole spacey, ethereal aesthetic without being repetitive and it features Miya rapping! Honestly, that was all they needed to do to get me on board. I’ll admit I’m not the biggest fan of the lyrics because they do seem kind of thrown together and childish, and the whole RUN thing meaning Renew Universal Network doesn’t really work, but otherwise I liked it.

Would I listen to the album? Hell yeah, especially if they have more of Miya rapping.

LOONA – Butterfly

This was so so pretty. I was already a huge fan of LOONA after I did my exploration post way back, but this was honestly such a perfect example of what makes LOONA so unique. The vocals were soft and angelic, and the pacing of the song makes you feel relaxed and entranced. I also loved the choreo and the music video in general. It just looked professional and high-quality and I am so proud of my girls!

Would I listen to the album? Oh, absolutely. That’s not even a question.

Dreamcatcher – Piri

So I get that Dreamcatcher has a whole horror concept, but damn it all if I didn’t get scared watching this MV. I should’ve known going into it that it would be a possibility, but I definitely did not anticipate the room full of dolls. Or the whole creepy twin thing. But all that aside, I kind of liked the song? I’m not much of a rock person, so I haven’t quite liked Dreamcatcher’s previous comebacks, but I actually enjoyed this one.

Would I listen to the album? Maybe? I’d have to be in the right mood for it.

Bonus: Baek Yerin – Maybe It’s Not Our Fault

There’s a reason Baek Yerin is popular among the K-chill playlists and it’s songs like this one. I really loved this. I loved how relaxing it was to listen to, and her vocals are perfect for this type of song. I also loved watching the MV since it was literally just someone working on a scrapbook. How soothing is that? It was like watching an ASMR video. I almost never have anything negative to say about Baek Yerin and this is no different. Go listen to this song now and feel at peace with the world.

Would I listen to the album? I’m literally downloading it right now.

Final Thoughts

What did y’all think about these comebacks? What other girl group comebacks have gotten you excited? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I haven’t checked out the GWSN comeback yet, but I’m always happy to get more of LOONA and Dreamcatcher! I pretty much looped Yerin’s album all morning yesterday (and Heize’s all afternoon)–it’s so, so beautiful.

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