K-Pop Workout Playlist


I love going to the gym. I do. Honestly. But my gym likes to be progressive and allow people to request songs for the sound systems through this special song request app thing, and there is someone (I still haven’t figured out who) who keeps alternating between requesting hardcore screamo rock and very bass-heavy hip hop. Neither is really the right vibe for me to get my sweat on. In case y’all are searching for the perfect playlist, I hope you find some good tracks here!

Warm Up

Warm ups are all about getting geared up for the rest of the workout. The songs I’ve chosen are gently hype, giving you just the right amount of energy to get excited and moving, but not so much that you feel you’ve been thrown into the middle of it all.

  1. Yacht – Jay Park
  2. Prism – SHINee
  3. Sting – Stellar
  4. Whoo – Rainbow
  5. Blooming Day – EXO-CBX

Work Out

These songs are all bangers. The last thing you want in the middle of a workout is to lose momentum because your playlist suddenly got super chill. That’s why these songs are all rise, no fall. Of course, they’re all incredible songs, so it doesn’t feel like an onslaught.

  1. Power – EXO
  2. Power Up – Red Velvet
  3. Fire Truck – NCT 127
  4. Girl Front – LOONA
  5. Super Power Girl – Every Single Day
  6. Bboom Bboom – Momoland
  7. Change Up – Seventeen
  8. I Swear – SISTAR
  9. LIKEY – Twice
  10. Married to the Music – SHINee
  11. Dance the Night Away – Twice

Cool Down

These are some of my favorite chill songs ever, and they’re a perfect way to relax after a strenuous workout. Plus, once I hear my playlist switch over to these, I know it’s time to unwind and go home.

  1. Night Rather Than Day – EXID
  2. Hangang – Hoody
  3. D (Half Moon) – Dean feat. Gaeko
  4. Sleepless Rainy Night – IU

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