I’m so excited to share this with you guys! A little while ago, I stumbled upon this subscription box called Korean Snack Box that provides–you guessed it–Korean snacks. They looked incredible, and I got in touch with them about their product. They were generous enough to provide me with a free box for me to review, and I just received it in the mail today. So, without further ado, let’s get into the review!

First Impressions

The box was much smaller than I expected, so I was wondering how it was going to fit all the snacks that it promised to contain. I received the Valentine’s Day box, which was priced at $20.95. The branded box came inside a plain postal box so it could preserve its shape and the contents of the box. It’s a smart strategy because everything arrived in perfect condition.

The box itself is so cute! It’s totally perfect for springtime. When you open it, the first thing you see is the precious little silk bag with a note letting you know about how you can get a free box yourself. Once I set that aside, I saw a treasure trove of goods. I have an elementary understanding of Korean so I could pretty much read all of the names of the goods, but for those that cannot, the Korean Snack Box website tells you exactly what you’re getting and what makes it so delicious.

Snack Breakdown

Oh Yes: This is a soft sponge cake with pillowy chocolate frosting sandwiched in between then covered in a chocolate coating. I promised myself I wasn’t going to eat whole snacks when I was doing my taste test so I could make it through all of them. I was only going to take one bite or piece out of each, but that immediately failed when I tried this. It was so good! The cakes are small, about the size of a cupcake, but they’re very satisfying.

Ghana: This reminds me a lot of a Snickers Bar. It has those layers of peanuts, caramel, and cookie (I think?) coated in chocolate. It was very tasty and it wasn’t as crunchy as Snickers can be, which was a plus for me. From what I understand this is a pretty popular chocolate bar in Korea, and Korea Snack Box gives you the fun sized version.

Subakba (Watermelon Bar) Jelly: I’m not the biggest fan of gummies, but this one was so good. It’s a milder flavor than what I’m used to eating in American gummies, but that may be because it’s flavored not after watermelon but watermelon ice cream. I have to admit it was difficult to stop at one when I tried these–and I loved seeing Momoland on the packaging!

Lollipop Ice: These are little lollipops that are flavored after popular Korean ice creams. I recognized the Subakba, Screw Bar, and the Jaws Bar, but I couldn’t identify the fourth one. Since I’d already tried the Subakba, I chose to try the Jaws Bar. It tasted like your average lollipop and I couldn’t quite identify the flavor, but that may be because I’ve never tried the Jaws Bar.

Crown Sando: This one was the one I was least excited about because I don’t particularly care for cream cheese. However, the flavor was really mild and the strawberry was tasty. The cookies, too, were really crumbly and buttery. I actually surprised myself by liking it, and I wondered if there were other flavors I would like as well.

Kancho: This was the one I was most excited about, which was why I saved it for last. While the chocolate flavor is not as strong as I would’ve liked, the tiny cookies with the cute designs made me nostalgic. They’re kind of like the Hello Panda cookies I used to eat as a child but they taste less metallic and more natural (which is never a bad thing).

Final Thoughts

The box was full of really delicious snacks and the price was pretty reasonable. Actually, right now, this Valentine’s Day box is on sale for $15.95 for a medium sized box and it includes free shipping. However, even if the things in this box aren’t right for you, they have a bunch of others, including their Box of the Month. This box has a rotating array of snacks that are seasonally themed. If you love one thing in particular such as chips or chocolate, they have boxes for that too. Personally, I have my eye on the chips box.

Their shipping was really timely and easy to track, and they shipped out the box right away. They also gave me a discount code to give to you all (HEYKOREA) to give you $2 off your order. They’re also a family-run company which is super sweet and it means they work hard to keep you happy. Overall, I’m really happy I reached out to them because this was such a wonderful find.

If you’d like your own Korean Snack Box, click the link here: https://koreansnackbox.com
And don’t forget to use this discount code for $2 off: HEYKOREA

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