I’ve been wanting to make this list for a while, and now here I am finally doing it. Trying to define your favorite BTS tracks is different for every person. Some people instantly know which songs are their top picks, and for others it’s the most intense question of their life. I think I’m somewhere in the middle of that, but I did have a tough time keeping this list short. But anyway, without further ado, my top BTS songs.

10. Whalien 52

Listen, when I first heard this song, I honestly started crying. I understand that the concept of loneliness is universal, but it felt like Namjoon was doing something totally unique with this song. This song rivaled for my favorite of The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Part 2 and it’s easy to see why. Like any other one of Namjoon’s babies, it is a masterpiece.

9. Blood Sweat & Tears

This is an easy one. Blood Sweat & Tears is, without a doubt, their best title track. It was dark and sexy and elegant in a way that they hadn’t done before. I remember it being described as having an aristocratic vampires vibe and that is probably the most fitting way to describe it.

8. BTS Cypher, PT. 3: KILLER

If you thought I wasn’t going to include the two God Tier cyphers, you would be mistaken. Cypher 3 is a master class in what rap line is capable of and, before the arrival of part 4, it was the end-all. Plus! It was the song that introduced to the all-powerful Agust D.

7. 24/7=Heaven

I’ve talked before about how I feel that Dark & Wild is a perfect album, and this song is what makes it perfect. It’s catchy and upbeat. If you’ve never heard it (which is a tragedy) think of it like Just One Day’s daydreamy sister.

6. Lie

Jimin’s solo from Wings is so good. I love Jimin’s voice and this song is eerie and creeping, and it makes me feel like it’s almost Halloween every time I listen to it. I also just adore the strings in the beginning because it feels like he’s about to tell a story.

5. Mama

Come on, if you know anything about me it’s that I love Hobi, so of course this song was going to be on here. Mama was the perfect song for Hoseok; it showcased him as he is: a sweet boy who stays humble and stays grateful. Mama was such a wonderful tribute to his mother and it makes me emotional thinking about everything my mom sacrificed for me as well.

4. BTS Cypher 4

As we all know, this is the best thing that rap line has ever given us. BTS and BigHit both said that the cyphers were meant to be a trilogy, which meant that we weren’t supposed to be getting any more after Dark & Wild, but BTS always comes through.

3. Outro: Love is Not Over

I love Jungkook so much and he is capable of making some truly beautiful songs. This is quintessential Jungkook, and in its original form, it’s a stunning outro to a perfect EP. Love is Not Over is quiet and longing and sung by four angels.

2. Intro: Serendipity

This is my favorite intro. Hands down. There’s just something about it. It’s this ethereal and aesthetically pleasing and Jimin looks so sweet in the trailer. When this came out, I watched that intro more than anyone would have expected and I was not surprised at all that the mastermind behind the beautiful lyrics was Namjoon.

1. Where You From

This is my all time favorite BTS song. It’s my Twitter handle, my Instagram handle, my everything. I immediately lose it every time this song comes on. It’s just such a happy, silly, and carefree song. It’s everything I love about BTS at a time when things were simpler and BTS was still just a group from a small company trying to make it.

Honorable Mentions

Boyz with Fun
Intro: Boy Meets Evil
Miss Right

What are your favorite BTS songs? Are you a newer fan or an older fan? Are you excited for their new album? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Rain, Let Me Know, Fake Love, Blood Swat & Tears, MIC Drop Remix, Cypher 4, Singularity, I’m Fine, Ma City, House of Cards – but I would love to put in Boy Meets Evil, Lie, Outro: Tear, MAMA and looks like Persona has just been added to the list. It’s a tough list to do but that was just my rhyme-off in no particular order. I have yet to do a deep dive in some of their earlier albums, too. I keep on saying I need to check out the other Cypher versions.

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