I was going to write a post about how The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Parts 1 and 2 were Perfect Albums, and then I realized I wrote that back in 2017. Then I sat down and kept going over different topics I could write about and I found that I didn’t want to write any of them. So today will just be one of those days where I don’t write anything consequential, but at least I’m writing something.

Lately, I’ve been on a Netflix Originals binge. I watched Love, Death, & Robots, which was a really fascinating anthology series, and just recently I watched Unicorn Store with my current fave, Brie Larson. Now I’ve started this series called Most Beautiful Thing. It’s a Brazilian series set in the 60s at the time when bossa nova was really beginning to become a thing, and it is so good. I love the cast of characters and the setting is gorgeous. I highly recommend it.

What have you guys been watching lately? Have you ever had one of these days where you just don’t have anything good to write? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I started watching Love, Death, & Robots and am about 4 episodes in. It’s amazing! Sometimes brutal which is why I need to space it out. It’s not something I can watch right before falling asleep and that’s usually the only time of the day I watch anything.

    I just finished Boys Over Flowers and while I found some of the characters endearing I was not at all happy with the ending. I’ll be watching Meteor Garden, the Chinese version re-boot of it next. It’s a Netflix original. So while I know the story line will be similar – though more updated to the times – and I know the ending will be the same, I do wonder if the acting will change my mind as whether I’ll be happier with it.

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      • I’ve only watched 2 episodes and so far I do like it better than the k-drama version only because the Chinese Re-boot has way more comedy! So I’ll see if the rest plays out better. The writing and plot transitions better as well.

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