Map of the Soul: PERSONA Review

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Strap in ladies, gentlemen, and all my non-binary friends because I’ve been waiting to write this review for quite some time. BTS is back and, after I wrote that whole post explaining the basics of Jungian theory, I hoped they would come through with something truly magnificent that lived up to all the hype. SPOILER ALERT: They did.

Intro: Persona

I have nothing negative to say about this intro. Namjoon is the king of delivering fire verses and this is no different. Also, as a lifetime lover of Skool Luv Affair, I love this throwback to my roots. This was a perfect introduction to this album because it laid it out the whole idea of the persona so beautifully. Even if you didn’t read my super helpful post, you would get what they’re trying to go for with this album just from this intro.

Boy With Luv

I’m not gonna lie, I was prepared to hate this title track. I don’t really care for Halsey and I haven’t been a big fan of the title tracks as of late, so I wasn’t really expecting much. However, I was really pleasantly surprised. I actually really liked this one and the video was cute and pastel. Plus–it helped that Halsey was not really a prominent feature of the song. It definitely sets you up for the tone and the mood of the rest of the album which is pretty much all about love and embracing love.


BTS cares about their fans, and they like to make us feel good through their songs. So it’s no surprise that they included this track which basically talks about how we’re all special and unique and important in the grand scheme of the cosmos. It’s a wonderful message and they crafted it really beautifully, but the song is still not one of my favorites. It’s too predictable and pop-y, but I’m soft to BTS so I may end up changing my mind.

Make It Right

This was a one of the songs on the album that I liked best, though it still wasn’t my absolute favorite. It’s got a good beat and it was definitely more of what I typically expect from BTS than Mikrokosmos. That said, I read the lyrics to this one after I read the lyrics to HOME and let me tell you…this whole album is just ripe to be written into fanfiction. The lyrics talk about how everything he does is for this one person and nothing matters more than them which is cute, but not really revolutionary.


This is easily my favorite song off the new album. I love the beat and the vocals just a little sexy without being over the top. Rap line also delivers sick bars which is always important to me, and the overall feeling of the song is really laidback. I took the time to look over the lyrics and–I’m not gonna lie–they read like a Tumblr imagine. As someone who’s written those before, I can tell you I could write one based off this song and it would pop all the way off. That said, I think that’s purposeful. It kind of reads as fan service a little bit, which plays into that whole persona idea.

Jamais vu

A track that features Hobi, Jin, and Jungkook? Sign me up. This song may be soft and slow, but I actually really liked it. It’s such a welcome change to hear Jin’s voice as the focal point, and Hobi delivers the perfect verse. This song is a little different than the others in that it doesn’t really revel in love so much as it yearns for it. I enjoyed the tonal shift away from the cloying sweetness of love (not that love isn’t amazing) and I think this track really balances out the album.


This was such a great way to end the album. It’s a jarring song, especially after Jamais Vu, but it makes sense when you consider the concept. Persona is all about the facade that serves as the bridge between who you really are and the rest of the world. It is what the world perceives you to be. Dionysus is the embodiment of that sentiment. It’s all about the “crazy artist” who gets trashed and parties and just coasts on their fame. It doesn’t try to tell you that that isn’t who they are because this album isn’t about that. It’s about what people see them as. It’s also a killer bop to top off the album that is such a throwback to their Skool Luv Affair days.

Final Thoughts

This album was bright and lovey-dovey on purpose. This is their persona and this album is all about the way that they present themselves to the world. I’m sure that as we progress further through Jung’s map of the soul, we will see more of the true Bangtan and we’ll get tracks that feel closer to their heart and feel more authentically them. All that said, this album pops off and I’m gonna get myself over to Target ASAP to buy it. (Hopefully, just one version but we’ll see how much willpower I have.)


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  1. Great review and the first and only I’ve had a chance to read so far! To be honest, the overall style of this album is not usually my taste but I recognize some greatness if not in a whole track, but parts of it. Having said that, some might grow on me more. Right off the bat, my fave are Persona, Jamais vu and Dionysus. And if I had to pick on track that’s my ultimate favorite it would have to be Persona. I mean, RM, the background parts of the track, the lyrics… what a great way to start on their Map of Soul era!

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