So, a couple of weeks ago, I reached out to a brand called Korea Box that does monthly subscription boxes with really cool K-pop merch. As you know, I’m all about saving money and making sure that you select your merch carefully, and this is a service that allows you to do that. They have boxes with all sorts of merch, customized to your favorite group or even your favorite member for only $29.99 with free international shipping.

They were gracious enough to give me a box for review and they even took the time to ask me about my favorite groups so that they could ensure the merch they gave me were things that I would love. I wanna show you all some of the things they sent me so you can see the quality and care that they put into their boxes.

2019 BTS Calendar

I know I told Korea Box that I loved BTS but I was still surprised to see them in my box. This calendar is so cute and it’s the perfect size for my desk. I love that it has pictures of BTS from different eras and the construction of it is high quality. It doesn’t feel like a cheap trinket and it’s something that I can actually use, so I’m very happy about it.

Red Velvet Stickers

I don’t think I’ve ever talked about this but I really love stickers. A lot. As an adult woman, I don’t really get the opportunity to use stickers very often so I just collect them–but I still love them. I also adore Red Velvet and I don’t have nearly enough of their merch, so I was excited to have such cute stickers of my faves. Those stickers of Irene are everything. *heart eyes*

SHINee Keychain Wristlet

I’m not gonna lie: this is probably my favorite thing I got. It’s so pretty and opalescent and it’s so practical! I already put it on my keychain and I received compliments from my co-workers. It’s such a simple little thing, but I’m honestly so happy I have it. The plastic is tough and the letters are well printed, so I know it won’t fall apart any time soon.

NCT 127 Pencils

This is so cute. I’m not really much of a pencil user, but I think that’s a good thing because I don’t really want to use up these pencils. I love the shade of green and I love that it’s such an understated piece of merch. I could totally picture someone using these at school and being able to rep NCT 127 without being cringey and over-the-top.

Korean Snacks

This was such an unexpected treat and they were very quickly devoured. My wife loved the wafers and gummies were so cute. I’m a big fan of Korean snacks because they taste delicious and they use flavors that I’m not used to trying. I also appreciate the opportunity to practice reading Korean!


In addition to all the fun merch, they also packaged a newsletter which has a phrase for you to learn in Korean as well as a short section about Spring and how it inspires K-pop. At the bottom, it showcases the early history of K-pop on the Billboards chart. Besides that, they also included a handwritten letter. I was super shocked that they would take the time to do something like that, especially considering that it was more than just a quick thank you. It’s an incredibly sweet gesture and it’s enough to keep me coming back!

Final Thoughts

Korea Box was super sweet through this whole process and they delivered so much in such a small box! I was really happy that all of the merch was made up of things that I could actually use because that makes them that much more special.

And this was such a small sampling of everything that they offer. They have an entire box devoted to J-Hope! For the first month, they give you a Hobi blanket and pouch and then every month after that you get new things with his beautiful face on it. They even have boxes devoted to Dean and Jay Park as well as GOT7, Block B, Astro, Seventeen, and dozens of others.

Shipping is always free and they deliver to anywhere in the world, so you can get your goods whether or not there’s a K-pop store near you without paying the crazy shipping fees other stores will charge you.

I’m really glad I reached out to Korea Box, and I’m very thankful that they gave me a chance to review them because they did nothing but impress me. I hope you all give them a chance and check out their website for incredible merch!

Check them out here:

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