Top 5 Summer Tracks

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Summer is right around the corner and even though I’m not feeling so great right now, I know that soon enough it will be time to pack up and head to the beach. This got me thinking about ultimate summer tracks and which Kpop comebacks really defined summer when they dropped. Summer is obviously a popular season for comebacks but there are only a few who really lean into the summer vibes and create a classic. Here are my top five!

5. SHINee – View

Honestly, how could you not put this song on the list? This song is everything summer should be: carefree, fun, and incredible. This track may not have anything to do with summer itself, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be one of the best songs to listen to driving to the beach or the lake. This is SHINee at its finest and, even though I feel a pang when I see Jonghyun’s face, I can’t help but smile at what was arguably one of their best songs.

4. Jay Park (feat. Sik-K) – Yacht

Jay Park makes a lot of great songs and you could probably put a good dozen of them on a summer playlist, but this one is my favorite. He released it a couple months ago in English and I did not enjoy it nearly as much as the original (which also features Sik-K). This song does exactly what you would expect it to: make you want to go on a yacht and party and drink. It’s smooth and fun to listen to and it almost makes you forget you’re not extravagantly wealthy like Jay Park.

3. Red Velvet – Red Flavor

I don’t think there’s a soul out there who hasn’t heard Red Flavor. The summer it dropped it played pretty much everywhere. It became kind of synonymous with summer and it placed Red Velvet next in line to be summer queens when SISTAR disbanded. While I still believe that no one can quite take the title of summer queens, I will admit this song makes them at the very least summer princesses.

2. Crush (feat. Zico) – Oasis

I remember coming across this song because my best friend told me that she listened to it whenever she got packages in the mail. I had never heard it before and I instantly knew it would be one of my favorite summer songs. This song has the sweet, rich vocals of Crush with a verse that’s actually really good from Zico. And! There’s a surprise visit from Zion.T in the music video. In short: it’s perfect.

1. SISTAR – Loving U

You had to have known this was coming. SISTAR were, and still are in my heart, the queens of summer. They defined summer every single year and every Kpop fan sat at the edge of their seat awaiting SISTAR’s next comeback as soon as the weather turned warm. Loving U is one of my favorite SISTAR songs because it’s one of the earlier examples of their summer domination. It’s fun, light, and easy to sing along to and for that, it is the ultimate summer track.


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