Winner – Ah Yeah

I really like this song. I’ve been faltering a little bit lately as a Inner Circle, but this song brought me back into the fold. I love Winner and the carefree summer vibes they’ve adopted since Taehyun left. Don’t get me wrong: Sentimental is the track of the century. But I love seeing Winner enjoying themselves and making music that’s fun. This is a perfect example of that.

Would I listen to the album? Of course.

EXID – Me & You

In a world where the pinnacle of EXID’s career was Night Rather Than Day, it takes a lot for me to really get into their more hype singles. This is one of those cases. Me & You felt like their label trying to prove that they weren’t falling into the same formula that they used for Hot Pink, Lie, DDD, and Up & Down. It was just a little too much for me and I wish they would’ve seen how good Night Rather Than Day was and experimented more with that sound.

Would I listen to the album? Probably not…

Weki Meki – Picky Picky

I’ve listened to Weki Meki before and I wanted to like them so bad, but I just couldn’t find it in me. This, however, was a totally different story. I had mixed feelings about this song as I was listening to it, but by the end of the MV I was completely convinced: this song is a bop. Not only is the intro adorably badass, but the whole song teeters that line of confident and snobbish so well. I really liked listening to it and I loved watching the plot of the MV play out.

Would I listen to the album? Absolutely!

The Boyz – Bloom Bloom

I fully expected this to be a flop. Even as I started listening to it I kept thinking to myself “This is not…great.” But the beauty of the K-pop industry is that they’ve mastered the art of creating catchy songs that get in your head and never leave. This is one of those songs. I won’t lie to you and say it’s the best song I’ve ever heard, but it’s cute. The music video is equally cute even if it feels like it was trying to do five different concepts all at once.

Would I listen to the album? Probably not, but the title track was cute.

Golden Child – Spring Again

I didn’t really know what to expect when I started listening to this because I don’t really follow Golden Child, but I loved it! It was so sweet and soft and I loved the way it perfectly suited springtime. It felt to me very much like an OST and I kind of loved that about it. It made me want to watch a Korean drama in the best way.

Would I listen to the album? This is a single album, so there’s no other songs to listen to but I would definitely continue listening to Golden Child.

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