You may have noticed I’ve been a little absent as of late (or you may not have, it’s cool either way) and there’s a reason for that–well, several reasons, but you get it. We’ve recently had two furry additions to our happy little family and our first furry child (Karben, my cat) has not taken to it well. There’s been a lot of turmoil, a lot of fighting, and a LOT of cleaning up. My wife is convinced this is gonna be our reality forever, but I’m more optimistic. Cats don’t particularly care for change, but they learn to deal.

The other reason I’ve been absent is that, in the midst of trying to deal with all the cat-dog feuding, we’ve also been doing renovations to the house. The roof, the fence, the flooring, etc. It’s been chaos in the house and I’ve had a lot of day wasted just waiting on people to show who never do.

All that said, I REFUSE to miss Red Velvet’s comeback. I’ve been keeping up with the teasers and I’m ready for the drop. I’ve also been thinking about doing another K-pop inspired recipe in honor of Red Velvet’s comeback. Maybe something like a Red Flavor summer cocktail? Let me know what you all think! Anyway, I’ll see you all for a Red Velvet Album Review soon!


  1. How cute! So did you get two more cats, two dogs, another cat and a dog? We just have one dog. I can’t have cats due to my allergies. There were hopes to getting another puppy this summer as my dog is at the right age – not too young and not too old. But our schedule is too tight and it wouldn’t be fair. Good luck on your renovations! You guys are brave – we keep on talking about it ourselves but it just looks so overwhelming it ends up getting postponed. We need to also do it during a year of less big travels due to time and budget.

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    • We got two dogs! Technically they were already my dogs but they were living with my mom and they’ve moved in with us for a couple months while my mom moves into a new house.

      Unfortunately, our renovations were more of a necessity than a requirement. We had some damage that our insurance (thankfully) covered and now we’re just trying to get everything done and get the house back to normal. I would much rather be traveling!

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