A-Z Challenge: A is for ASTRO

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Let’s start this challenge off right with one of my favorite boy groups. I’ve been following ASTRO since before debut because I actually stumbled upon a video of Moonbin and Minhyuk dancing when they were still trainees and I was so blown away by how talented they were that I felt like I had to know who they were. I ended up finding more videos by iTeen (their predebut name) and it got me so pumped for their debut.

It also helped that they had so much content for me to sift through. Fantagio really did wonderful things for ASTRO in terms of promotion for their debut. They starred in their own drama, To Be Continued. The drama was so-so but it was an excuse to see the boys’ acting skills and get more content. They also had their own reality show that was supposed to show them running around doing various challenges and tasks right before their debut, but it was a little too much for me so I didn’t end up watching it.

When they started out, they were very much a happy, upbeat, fun group and they were playing on their youth and their energy to distinguish themselves from other rookies. Now, they’ve diversified their sound and they’re starting to mature more into a respected group.

Still, my favorite songs of theirs are the ones that remind me of bubbly smiles and bright choruses. Like this one called Breathless.

Have you all listened to ASTRO? What’s your favorite ASTRO song? What other “A” K-pop groups do you love? Let me know in the comments!


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