A-Z Challenge: C is for Chung Ha


Ah, Chung Ha. The coolest, hottest member of I.O.I and the reason I have raised my standards for solo artists’ choreography. I remember the first time I saw her was because of a video I stumbled upon on Tumblr where she was doing a dance to Yonce. I was blown away that she could dance so cleanly and incredibly under such intense pressure. She was so talented that I kept an eye out for when I.O.I debuted so that I could see her actually performing with her group.

I never was able to fully get into I.O.I. It was just one of those weird things where I couldn’t quite click with their sound, but it was nothing that they did. However, once they disbanded, I knew it would only be a matter of time before she debuted herself and the moment could not come sooner.

I loved Why Don’t You Know largely because it had such amazing choreography and there was one live stage where she performed with Taeyong from NCT that was honestly one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen.

Since then, Chung Ha has done nothing but deliver. All of her singles are so well-done and so beautifully choreographed. Her relationship with her staff and her dancers are also really admirable because she treats them with respect and acknowledges that they are just as important for each performance as she is.

Even though it’s super hard to actually choose just one Chung Ha song that is better than the rest, I think my current favorite is Snapping. It’s so catchy and I LOVE the choreography.

What are your favorite Chung Ha songs? When did you get into her, since I.O.I or her solo debut? Let me know in the comments!


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