I’ve had an amazing weekend and though I wasn’t actively listening to K-pop the whole weekend, I feel like this playlist pretty much encompasses that. This playlist is mostly upbeat, mostly happy tracks. I really love creating playlists by theme but every once in a while, your playlists don’t quite make sense on paper–they only make sense in the moment that you listen to the songs. This is definitely one of those.

1. OH MY GIRL – Bungee (Fall in Love)

This is Oh My Girl’s latest song and, like every other song that they release, I love it. It has that lighthearted bubbly-ness that makes you think of summer girl group songs, and it has that unbelievably catchy refrain in the chorus that worms its way into your mind.

2. AB6IX – Breathe

I heard this song for the first time while I was waiting for AB6IX to arrive at their audience at KCON NY. They did that thing where they played their music video to get the fans all hyped about their arrival and I fell in love with the song almost instantly. It’s fast-paced yet sexy and has this space-y, artsy thing going for it that makes it difficult to place in just one mood.

3. Hwa Sa – TWIT

This was another song I heard for the first time at KCON NY. I actually listened to it for the first time while watching fans do cover dances on the Toyota stage. I had no idea it was Hwasa’s song or I would’ve probably never listened to it (I held a grudge against Mamamoo for their blackface incident for a long time and I still haven’t really let it go) but I got to give credit where credit is due–it’s catchy as hell.

4. Jay Park – V

I found this randomly while browsing through Jay Park’s page on Apple Music and I listened to it, like, four times in a row because I couldn’t stop listening to it. It’s got everything you expect from a Jay Park song: sex, smooth singing, sick beat, and an ability to make you forget everything except for that song.

5. Crush – Sometimes

I’ve loved this song for forever. Crush is just so talented at making songs that have yearning and regret without sounding completely depressing. This song is so soft and warm but it’s still the kind of song that you can belt in your car.

6. Hoody ft. Crush – Sunshine

Hoody is such an incredible songstress. No lie, her voice sounds like what I would imagine an actual angel’s voice to sound like. I love this song because it shows off just how beautiful her voice can be. It’s also such a summery track, I can’t help but put it on all my playlists this summer.

7. BTS – Love Maze

I did not appreciate this song in all its glory when this album first came out (I know that sounds crazy because this song is amazing) but they played it in the background of Bring the Soul and I remembered just how INCREDIBLE this song is. Honestly, go listen to this song right now. Even if you listen to nothing else on this playlist, at least listen to this song.