I haven’t talked about EXO in a long time (because they haven’t really done anything in a long time) but I do still have a small spot in my heart saved especially for them. I actually liked EXO well before I liked BTS and the primary reason that I didn’t keep up with the fandom was because of the weird feud between EXO-Ls and ARMYs. Ultimately, I chose BTS but I still get into moods that only EXO can fulfill.

The first EXO song that I heard was Call Me Baby and I was instantly impressed. It’s a difficult fact to argue that EXO’s greatest era was EXODUS. They were on their game look-wise as well as with their choreography. It was the era that made me realize that Yixing was my bias.

I was there at the tail end of Love Me Right era, so I missed out on seeing EXO in their full 12-person lineup and I didn’t get to see Tao before he left. It was kind of a bummer because I could see the beginnings of Yixing getting eased out of promotions and I could see how little SM cared for their Chinese idols.

I immersed myself in EXO content by watching EXO Next Door, EXO Showtime, and Yixing’s season of Go Fighting!. By the end of it, I got the picture of a group that didn’t quite gel, but was full of talented individuals. It was something that I saw reflected in the fandom–with translators that only focused on one member and fans that rarely connected with one another. I still love EXO’s music. It’s hard not to when it’s so catchy. But being a part of their community didn’t really feel like a community.

Anyway, my all time favorite EXO song is one I know all the words to and it’s one that doesn’t have a music video. They do, however, frequently perform it live.

Are you into EXO? Which song is your favorite? Do you have a favorite era? Do you feel the same way I feel about the EXO-L community? Let me know in the comments!