Now that my brief but serious rant is over, it’s time to get back to the challenge! Today’s post is brought to you by the first girl group (but not the last) to break my heart–f(x).

I learned about f(x) around the same time that I learned about the other SM groups. Obviously, the first group that I heard about was EXO and from there I began a deep dive into all their other–*cough cough* forgotten–groups. SHINee, Red Velvet, Girls Generation, you name it I loved it. But f(x) struck a special chord with me and that was because of the instant and intense love I felt for Amber.

Unlike many other girl group members, Amber never leaned into or was forced into a stereotypical ideal of femininity. She constantly fit into their concepts without being made to be anything but herself. As a matter of fact, none of them were ever really super, sunshine-and-rainbows girly and I loved that.

And as quickly as I found them I lost them. I got into f(x) the fall after 4 Walls which means I literally missed their last actual comeback. Of course, they never announced a disbanding and they recently performed at an SM concert, so there is hope.

Regardless of whether or not f(x) continues to make music as a four-piece unit, I will still always appreciate them for the music they’ve given us. They were unique in a way that paved the path for groups like Red Velvet to shine in their quirkiness and for that I thank them.

Do you like f(x)? What’s your favorite song of theirs? Do you think they’ll make a comeback? Let me know in the comments!