I’ll admit, this one was a tough one. While I really admire IU, I didn’t really consider myself enough of a fan to write an entire post about her. However, since the alternative was iKON or I.O.I, I had no choice but to go with IU.

That’s a horrible way to introduce her, I’m aware, but I was never the type to follow the intimate details of IU’s life. Honestly, I think she’s the kind of idol who doesn’t particularly like her fans knowing too much about her so maybe that’s for the best. That said, I do really love her music.

I remember getting into IU after I heard Twenty-Three. The first time I’d ever seen her was in Scarlet Heart Ryeo and I had liked her acting (and the series in general) enough to want to know more about her. Of course, I’d also heard of her thanks to Jungkook who worships the ground she walks on.

From there, I began hearing an odd IU song in almost every chill K-pop playlist I’d come across on YouTube. I loved her voice and the soothing quality she had in songs like Palette and Sleepless Rainy Night.

While I don’t love every single song she’s put out, I appreciate her ability to not take herself too seriously and to live her life in the way that she wants

Do you like IU? What’s your favorite IU song? Let me know in the comments!

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