No lie: Jay Park is probably one of my favorite musicians. It’s odd, though, that as much as I like his music, I don’t really trust him as a person. Not that I don’t think he could be nice or anything, it’s just that he seems like such a frat boy. But I digress.

I discovered Jay Park shortly after I got into K-pop because my friend (the same one that got me into K-pop in the first place) showed me a couple of his songs. I don’t remember much about that first foray into his music except that I burst out laughing after hearing the song Sex Trip because I legitimately could not take it seriously.

It took a long time for me to actually give his music a chance because his persona did not appeal to me. Then, one day, I was watching this meme video about singing K-pop songs in the car and one of the songs was Solo by Jay Park featuring Hoody. It was just a small snippet of the song but I immediately took a liking to it and it wasn’t long before I properly dove into the deep, dark web of Jay Park songs.

The thing that sealed the deal for me were his songs that featured Hoody. I don’t talk about her enough, but I really love Hoody. Her voice and Jay’s have a way of blending seamlessly and creating something truly beautiful. I remember listening to Your Eyes for the first time and thinking that it was easily one of the prettiest songs I’d heard that year.

Which isn’t to say that he doesn’t have bangers. But they’re a little R-rated (or at least PG-13). Still, if you’re into that sort of thing then Jay Park is the right guy for you. And if you’re not–then he still a couple songs that you might like.
Do you like Jay Park? What is your favorite song of his? What do you think of his sexier songs? Let me know in the comments!

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