A-Z Challenge: K is for KARD

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Sorry about the not posting yesterday! Things got hectic and I was just too tired when I got home to do anything but fall asleep. Today’s A-Z Challenge feature is KARD!

KARD is a group that I jumped on board with almost immediately. I loved that it was a co-ed group and that they didn’t try to make it seem like they were pairing up the guys and girls. I also loved the idea of a hidden member appearing for only certain songs or certain comebacks.

Their songs also really appealed to me; I loved the reggaeton/hip hop vibes they were giving off and I thought they played to each member’s strength really well. That said, I don’t love all of their songs. I know there’s a lot of people who don’t like KARD because they think that their songs all sound the same and I get where they’re coming from but I honestly don’t mind it. Especially in the K-pop industry, where it’s so common for groups to repeat similar concepts over and over because they’re so successful, I don’t mind that their songs are so formulaic. I think it’s kind of silly not to expect that when so many other groups are doing the same thing.

KARD is also one of those groups that makes themselves really approachable. You can tell their label goes out of their way to make them accessible by having them on different YouTube channels and letting them run their own Instagrams. They also just have the personalities of people who were not tainted by fame and I think that can be rare in a group that’s meant to emulate a certain image.

Honestly, some days I love the members of KARD more than their actual songs but it helps that their songs are catchy too.

Do you like KARD? What’s your favorite song by them? How do you feel about co-ed groups? Let me know in the comments!