This post is near and dear to my heart because if you’ve read my very first LOONA post then you know the love I have for them runs deep. I first found LOONA just before their debut as a whole group and I’ve been obsessed since then.

Loving LOONA is an odd thing not because you can have favorite songs that don’t have all the members in them but because the likelihood is greater that you like a particular unit rather than the group as a whole. Which is not to say that a LOONA isn’t great as a whole. They just did such an excellent job of introducing the members and the units that it made it easy to pick favorites early on.

For instance, I could tell right away my bias was JinSoul. I loved Odd Eye Circle and Girl Front is still my all-time favorite LOONA song. But I also love love love Chuu.

The beauty about it, though, is that BBC gave you time to get acquainted with each member so that you could develop that excitement for their debut and pick out your bias without needing to dig around on the internet or read vague profiles.

The buzz around LOONA was perfect for a monumental debut and it gave each of their incredibly talented members their moment in the spotlight.

What is your favorite LOONA song? Do you have a bias or a favorite unit? Let me know in the comments!


  1. As much as I like the whole group together, I’m really really hoping for another OEC album because theirs is one of my favorites out of the last few years of K-pop. Freaking outstanding. That said, I haven’t watched any of their variety shows or anything yet so I can’t really say if I have a bias, but the members that stand out to me are Yves, JinSoul, Vivi, Haseul and Chuu.

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