This is a group that I have loved for many years and that I will love until the end of time. I was introduced to Monsta X when GOT7 and BTS were between comebacks and I was looking for a new group to stan. I didn’t immediately fall in love but, as I figured they would, they won me over with their personality and adorable goofiness.

I remember watching the Hero MV and not liking it right away (crazy, I know) but I was convinced I could learn to love them so I kept searching and it was with that search that I found Amen. It was everything I’d been searching for because it was soft and sensitive and I wanted to make sure they were capable of doing softer songs. But once I knew they could, I was hooked.

However, as time passed, I realized I didn’t really care for their songs but oh man, did I love them as people. I watched Monsta X Right Now and every time an episode was released I was ready with my laptop to watch it. I found that I loved them because they could be authentically themselves and still carry this sexy, tough stage persona. I loved their group dynamics and the way they embraced their maknae after not wanting him for so long.

Monsta X, I think, is the perfect example of a group who you can’t help but love. People may have strong opinions about one or two members but the group as a whole? I can’t imagine anyone being mad about their existence. They’re just such wonderful people and I’m glad they’re still around making music.

Do you like Monsta X? What’s your favorite Monsta X era? Have you seen any of their reality shows? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I really like their music, but I remember trying to watch one of their reality shows and not quite being able to click with them, because I adored them all as individuals but couldn’t get any sense of their group relationship or interpersonal connections. (Which is what really helps me get attached to a group.) Are there any of their variety shows you’d recommend that shows more of their group/interpersonal dynamics better?

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    • I think Right Now is a really good one. I remember loving that one. I’m not as huge of a fan of the other ones but that one in particular shows Shownu as the dad a lot. I think there was even an episode where Jooheon went to Shownu’s hotel room to snuggle with “dad” which was super cute. It had a lot of really sweet moments like that.

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