It was tough to decide what I would ultimately end up calling this post. Would I only be talking about NCT 127 or would I talk about NCT as a whole? Or maybe NCT Dream? Should I discuss the OGs–NCT-U? In the end, I chose to focus on the group I know the most about in the giant mess of boys that NCT: NCT 127.

I was super skeptical about NCT when I first heard about them. SM had that big press conference talking about how NCT would be the future of K-pop and I honestly thought they sounded like conspiracy theorists. I also had my doubts that group of rotating members would work. Pretty much everyone I talked to also expressed similar concerns: how would you get attached to a member if they could disappear at a moment’s notice? How would these rotations work? How many members are there?

In the end, all of our fears and concerns were shoved to the backs of our minds once the teaser came out for Synchronization of Your Dreams. They looked talented and hot and the song popped off, so for the time being, we were ready to stan.

Once NCT got rolling, it was clear who the core groups would be and how they would treat the members (hint: it’s 100% to do with popularity). NCT 127 wasn’t the first foray that SM did into their NCT experiment but it was their most successful so, of course, they made them the forefront of the NCT brand.

I became a stan just before the Cherry Bomb comeback. I literally saw a picture of Taeyong as a teaser with pink hair and that was it. That was all it took. I immediately went back and listened to all their past songs, watched NCT Life (which is an incredible show and you should watch it), and got ready for Cherry Bomb to drop.

Since then, I’ve been an NCTizen without any complaints. Fortunately for me, my bias is the leader of NCT 127 as well as NCT-U so I never have to go too long without seeing him, but I know it sucks for anyone who likes the less popular members to have to see so little of their bias. Honestly, they all deserve better but we know how terrible SM can be.

In any case, NCT is thriving, and I’m thrilled that that is the case because I’m always ready for another comeback.
Do you like NCT? Which is your favorite unit? Do you have a bias? What is your favorite song of theirs? Let me know in the comments!


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