My girls! I’ve loved Oh My Girl from the moment I first stumbled upon the concept art for Pink Ocean on Tumblr. They have songs I can sing along to, concepts that make me excited to buy their albums, and choreo that’s both cute and interesting to watch. They’re easily one of my favorite girl groups and I’m so happy they’re still making music today.

I discovered Oh My Girl just before they released Pink Ocean but I was ready to be a fan pretty much immediately. I absolutely loved the concept art for the new album and I thought it was smart that they were including that concept art as a bonus poster in the physical album release. It made me want to pre-order even before I’d listened to their music.

At that point, they really only had two singles out since their debut had only been a few months past but it became clear quickly that I would love their music. They had a dreamy and story-like quality to their albums that appealed to me and I could tell, just from the packaging of Pink Ocean, that they would be a favorite of mine.

Pink Ocean became, and still is, my favorite girl group album. It’s cohesive yet each song stands out in its own right. Plus, each of the concept art posters correspond to a particular song and they do so SO well. I in particular ended up getting the Knock Knock concept art with my album. The colors are bright and warm and the art is cartoonish and fun, which matches the tone of the song exactly. Similarly, the art for B612 alludes to its Little Prince origins with cool, space-toned colors and a girl sitting on a rose on the namesake asteroid. It was genius and it made me love them fiercely.

From there, there wasn’t a concept of theirs that I did’t love. The Windy Day repackage had a Victorian tea party theme that I loved, A-ing was summery and weird in the best way, and every other concept had its own unique touch that made me wish I had a physical copy to stare at.

Though they’ve undergone some trials that have tested their strength as a group (getting mistaken for sex workers by US customs, losing a member to anorexia, and a car crash involving more than half of their members) they’re still going strong.
Do you like Oh My Girl? What’s your favorite song? Which concept do you like best? Let me know in the comments!

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